Beginning My Finance Journey

Hello my loves. This post has been a LONG time coming. I have been thinking about this topic for a while and wanted to share with you all, but didn’t beca... Read More

I Tried Past Life Regression + Answering All Your Questions

Hello my loves, I cannot even begin to share my excitement about today’s blog post. I’m going to give you a heads up that there won’t be many ... Read More

How To Get Over A Breakup/Heartbreak

This week I shared how about the breakup I went through recently and received a lot of comments from my beautiful community on people who have dealt with simila... Read More

Why I Don’t Want Quarantine To End

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Monday. As I sit here in London, starting a new week in week-whatever of staying at home, I realized that I don’t act... Read More

3 Things I Do Every Morning

Happy…. DAY my loves! I laugh as I type that because I saw a funny meme that had all the days of the week and the first part of each one was crossed off a... Read More

30 Things To Do In 30 Days In Coronavirus Quarantine

If you are reading this then more likely than not you are sitting at home wondering what you are going to do with your time if you are stuck at home. Depending ... Read More
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