Four Seasons Oahu

Hawaii is one of those places that makes it on to everyone’s bucket list at some point or another; the same is true for me. I remember visiting Honolulu w... Read More

Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

Whenever I arrive to Bali it’s like a wave of calmness comes over me. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain, other than I feel like I’m ‘home.’ Goin... Read More

Four Seasons Sayan

Having just experienced Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons in the southern part of Bali, I was excited to get back to Ubud and stay at the Four Seasons Sayan, where ... Read More

Staying at Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

Many people told me that I would absolutely love Costa Rica since I’m such a huge fan of Bali. What I was not told though, is that Nicaragua would become a cl... Read More

Chiva Som: My Experience

When you find yourself in Thailand, as you casually do, a place that is likely to come on your radar is Chiva Som. No, I’m not talking about going to Phu... Read More

Hawaii Retreat: Total Wellness Made Sexy

I am so excited to announce I’m doing my first ever Hawaii Retreat: Total Wellness Made Sexy. Read further for details on this ridiculously amazing retrea... Read More
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