What Am I Doing in Thailand?

As I write this to you, I am sitting in a car for a three-hour ride on the last leg of a very long journey from LA to Thailand that began yesterday. My journey ... Read More

Bali Photo Journal

If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love Bali. The first time I went there in March for my yoga teacher training (check out my thoughts on the certificat... Read More

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those places that I have been told about for a while now. Everyone kept telling me, “Nikki, you are going to LOVE Costa Rica!” ... Read More

The Layar in Seminyak

There is something very special about this place. It’s almost like a je ne sais quoi yet the more you think about it, the reason The Layar stands out in y... Read More


One of the first questions I was ever asked when I arrived in Ubud last April was, “Have you been to Fivelements?” The answer at the time was no, I ... Read More

Essential Bali Travel Tips

Bali seems to be one of those places that I feel at home, almost more at home than my real home in LA. So naturally, it would make sense that I’ve learned... Read More
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