Chiva Som: My Experience

15 Jun 2016

When you find yourself in Thailand, as you casually do, a place that is likely to come on your radar is Chiva Som. No, I’m not talking about going to Phuket, or doing the full moon party at Koh Samui. I’m speaking of getting away and actually feeling better when you get home from your vacation.

Welcome Chiva Som, the place of all places that will not only make you feel like you actually had a vacation, you’ll return not needing to plan a few days to recover from you last one. How many times have you gone away only to come back feeling tired, worn out, slihglty sunburned and a few pounds heavier? Yup, none of that will happen here.



I was lucky enough to experience this one of a kind resort and I must say that it really is spectacular. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you cannot use your cell phone or camera anywhere other than your room.

Now wait, wait. Don’t click to another page yet! Let me explain why this is so beyond cool. You are going to get there and want to take 1,000 photos the second you see the property. I mean, everything from the beautiful beach, to the pool, to the healthy and vibrant food is Instagram-worthy. But it’s the hotel’s policy that no cameras or phones are allowed anywhere but your room and I found myself absolutely loving this.


When we go away, it’s really hard to truly decompress and relax. A lot of this has to do with all the social media we feel we need to post, coupled with checking emails even though we have our On Vacation responder on, and the inevitable checking into Facebook and Instagram to see what others are doing. When you are forced to leave your phone in your room, you begin to realize how many activities there are to do, how fun reading a book is, and how much rest your body actually needs!

At least this was the case for me. Although, I was there to specifically take hotel photos and a video, I was able to leave my phone in my room the majority of my time at Chiva Som and it was absolutely amazing. I wish more hotels would do this!

What I loved about Chiva Som

  • No phones/cameras
  • ‘Talk Table’ which we had at night to promote chatting to fellow guests who wanted to meet others
  • The healthy food!
  • Fresh coconuts whenever you want them
  • Endless amounts of activities including yoga, fruit carving, pilates and so many more
  • A cloud-like bed that I didn’t want to get out of


My overall review: if you are looking for a place to get away that you will truly feel relaxed when you leave, this is your place. This hotel includes an incredible list of activities everyday which are normally added on costs elsewhere, so that’s a huge bonus.

For special deals and rates book through my preferred wellness travel company Wild Wellness Travel at or my instagram @wildwellnesstravel handle or website
(For Chiva Som, Wild Wellness Travel upgrade on arrival, as long as there is availability, one massage (50 mins) per person per day, early check-in/late check-out, additional amenity for min stay of 7 nights in double occupancy June 1-30 & September, 2016: 1 couple treatment for 2 persons per stay, doing the treatment in the same time)
Tons of love,



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