Clean eating – not a new concept

15 Mar 2014

It simply means eating wholesome nutritious foods that nourish your body from within, helping you feel energetic and be productive. Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply maintain your health, eating clean is fundamental to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits include:

  1. Decreased body fat
  2. Increased lean tissue (muscle)
  3. Improved energy
  4. General improvements in overall health and immunity
  5. Decreased risk of certain types of diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancers
  6. Less consumption of pesticides, artificial food additives and preservatives, sodium and sugar
  7. Less impact on the environment, since Eating Clean is also Eating Green; the foods you preference in a Clean Eating diet are minimally processed, and thus use less energy and produce less waste than highly-processed foods
  8. Less expensive. Contrary to what you might believe, Clean Eating is actually more cost-effective and less expensive than eating pre-packaged food or fast food. For instance, for the price of a Super-Sized Big Mac Meal Deal, you could prepare an entire pot of healthy soup that would make more than a half dozen meals that are healthier, more satisfying and more nutritionally dense.
  9. Sustainable. Unlike fad diets, Clean Eating is a holistic approach to eating that a person can practice for their entire life. You don’t “go on” a Clean Eating diet — you’re always clean eating.


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