Why Your Deodorant Is So Bad For You

16 Dec 2020

Hi my loves!

A couple weeks ago I shared a bit about the dangers of using ‘regular’ deodorants and I was surprised to see how many questions you all had. Not just that, but the desperate need for clean ingredients in general including in your skincare, haircare, and makeup.

I just want to preface this with: If you’re still using ‘normal’ deodorants and facial products – PLEASE STOP!

Why ‘normal’ deodorants are so bad for your health

  • Typical deodorants contain parabens, aluminum & other toxic ingredients
  • These ingredients get absorbed directly into your body through your lymph nodes (especially your armpits)
  • They can cause a whole host of serious health issues
  • Parabens disrupt your hormones, can negatively affect your fertility, and have been linked to breast cancer
  • Aluminum has been linked to neurotoxicity, Alzheimer’s and breast cancer


This is why it’s so important to be mindful of what your skin is absorbing through deodorants and facial products.  Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to ditch the harmful chemicals because there are so many incredible natural/organic products on the market.

I personally love Primally Pure because created products that are clean and safe for your body. You know I don’t promote anything I don’t personally use every day, and I’m loving their deodorants and clarifying face mask. I also am obsessed with their holiday range of hand wash, body butter and the most delicious smelling candle ever.
Their deodorant is made with simple, organic ingredients that are 100% natural & safe. They’re also formulated for sensitive skin, with a small amount of baking soda to keep you smelling great (especially after a workout). I love all 7 of their scents so much that I have one for each day of the week. My favorites are the tea tree, blue tansy and charcoal.

The clarifying face mask has also been a game changer that I use 3x a week. Results I’ve seen is decreased breakouts and less red pigmentation. It’s made with white willow bark powder, marula oil and turmeric powder. The ingredients work together to support complexions prone to acne, pigmentation or dull appearance.  Plus, the citrus smell is divine and I love starting my day with it!
You can take their quiz to find a skincare routine that is perfect for your needs.
It is so easy to ditch the harmful chemicals and help prevent breast cancer, hormone imbalance, and so much more. To make it even easier, you can use my code NIKKISHARP10 for 10% off your order with Primally Pure.

Please please please promise me that you’ll make the switch to clean products. It’s one of the EASIEST ways to improve your health!


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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! The impact is huge! Definitely making the switch now!

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