The Detox App Hit #9 on iTunes Top 100 + My Before & After

03 May 2020

Hello beautiful people!

As many of you know, I did the detox two weeks ago after feeling, let’s just say… blah. I’m sure many of you can relate that during this time at home for the quarantine, the amount of alcohol has increased, food choices might have gone down, plus feelings of “I just don’t want to do it.” Lol. I mean, at least for me, it was a mix of cooking absolutely delicious dinners each night that while healthy, meant I was eating toooo much +  the added wine every single dinner. I was also feeling quite overwhelmed with work, partially because I’ve used this opportunity to start creating more content. I went from not writing on my blog much, to doing weekly posts, weekly emails, starting up my YouTube again with videos to help you during this time, and a new series of “Ask Nikki” where I answer all your biggest questions. All of it just caught up to me, the tiredness, not as healthy food choices, and wine… and so I did the detox.

To get the detox for iPhone, click here. To get the detox for Android, click here.

I asked on IG if you wanted me to share my before and after photos and it was a resounding 98% said yes. My only issue with sharing them on Insta, is that I tend to get a lot of hate. This is part of the sad world we live in, that if you take care of your body, you can still receive comments from people asking why do you do the detox, you’re too skinny, your before photo was better, etc. etc.

Suffice to say, I’m not immune from these comments, but I also don’t let them bother me. Because I choose to do the detox for myself, so that I can feel mentally clear, have better sleep, more clarity in the day, feelings of happiness, and way better skin. It’s not about the weight loss for me, rather I DO still get bloated because I drink alcohol, occasionally eat cheese, and do bad food combining which all reek havoc on your tummy.

I’m sharing my before and after from this latest round of the detox, along with some other VERY inspiring b/a pics from friends. I’m also sharing some huge news of how I found out about the detox app hitting top of the charts.

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My before and afters



As you can see, I’m already quite lean as I DO take good care of my body… but I was feeling BLOATED. UGH. Now I realize that you might be looking at my pics and thinking that I didn’t need to do the detox, but as mentioned, I don’t ever do it for weight loss, nor do I ever weigh myself. I was very happy with the results because cravings went away, my desire of coffee and alcohol went to zero, and I felt so energetic.

I actually felt SO good doing it that I’ve decided to do it again starting tomorrow, 

Monday May 4-8, for another 5 days. I realized that during this time when we can’t control much, we CAN control what we eat. And when you eat clean, it has profound effects on your body, mood, productivity, and sleep.

Beyond doing the detox, one of the best parts is always doing it with you all!

And this time was espeically good because we are all at home right now, most of us feeling the same about too much booze, etc. It was so fun because everyone tagged me in stories and on their feed, showing their meals. I still highly encourage you to send your before and after photos (especially because the Detox app prompts you to take them), even if you don’t want me to share publicly.

Other Amazing Before & After’s



I’m also sharing two other before/after photos of people that sent me them. This is to show you the difference in body types and what can happen when you do the plan for 5 days. The first is from one of my closest friends, who came to me saying she felt massively bloated, was eating clean for meals, but then ruining it at snacks, drinking too much alcohol, and had so much inflammation her leg was in such bad pain she couldn’t walk.


What made me happiest about Bridget’s transformation was she felt so good that she decided to take the weekend off, continue it the following week, and then took this weekend off and is doing it again with me next week. Trust me when I say the detox has some magical powers! She also lost 2.7 kilos in the 5 days, or nearly 7 pounds.

The next set of before and after’s came from a friend @becwilsontheartof who was already VERY fit as you can see. She ended up losing 2 kilos, 4.4 pounds in the 5 days. She already eats very clean, however she was doing intermetinent fasting, which is good, but breaking it up with the detox is even better.


5-day-detox-nikki-sharp 5-day-detox-nikki-sharp

I hope this has convinced you that no matter what body type you have, the detox can help you. Especially if you are feeling like you’ve hit a plateau, DO THE DETOX!


The Detox Hit #9 in the App Store!


It came as a TOTAL SURPRISE last week when I received an email from a friend showing me a screen shot of my Detox App in the iTunes store and that it was #16! I had no idea and this was a wonderful gift.

Then over the course of the next 24 hours, it went to #13, then 11 and then it reached #9 in the iTunes Top 100 of ALL apps for the food & drink category. I mean, talk about amazing!

5-day-detox-nikki-sharp 5-day-detox-nikki-sharp

The reason I am so happy that it hit the Top 10 is because it means that people are prioritizing their health. People like you, who want to feel better and come out of this quarantine being proud of their body. Sometimes it takes us feeling like crap to do something wonderful for ourself. And this is great.

I decided to do a HUGE giveaway as a thank you to everyone, where you could receive a copy of my Detox book (The 5-Day Real Food Detox), my friend Dr. Michelle Braude’s The Food Effect, Vegan, a brand new 11-piece Blendtec blender, all of my eBooks + a one hour coaching session with me. Value is over $450!

The giveaway rules are simple, all you have to do is post a photo of a detox meal or the app once downloaded to stories, your feed, or FB and tag me and you’ll automatically be entered.


It goes until next Friday, May 8 as I decided to do the detox AGAIN this week.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about the detox, seeing the success, looking at before and after photos + I do hope you join me this upcoming week. DON’T FORGET, you can start any day of the week, it doesn’t need to be a Monday.


Tons of love,


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