Do Holistic Treatments Really Give You Results?

26 May 2015

alI recently had the wonderful experience of trying out some treatments from Alchemy Holistic (clinic), a new extension of the restaurant which so many love in Ubud. Bali being one of those places where so many come so do self-healing, learn more about themselves, and get free from demons and addictions and Ubud being the center stage for all these healing to occur.

We decided to put all three treatments in one day, leaving me going from one to the next, yet benefiting from the previous one as I went into my next appointment. Other than stating the obvious that these treatments were all absolutely fantastic, the people behind the magic were even more inspiring. I met with Dean, a previous drug addict who turned his life around and now is beyond in touch with people, the trials and tribulations they go through, and has an energy that is infectious who works on with emotional cleansing. Ben, a shy, yet very sweet man who has the power in his questions to get you to open up then heals you with acupuncture. And Julz, an absolutely stunning American who has found her calling in working with energy and helping others doing Biofield energy healing. Three different treatments, three very different people who do them. That is the beauty in not only Ubud, but also health practitioners in general; you get such a range of characters and the stories that have brought them to where they are today.

What I have realized from the various treatments with these three amazing people is that it is actually our self that has the power to heal from within. We often look to healers, therapists, friends, lovers and anyone else our paths might cross with to help with our own battles in life. This is the same as finding a mentor, a fitness instructor, or someone that can guide you to learn more than you know. There is no right or wrong answer as to who will be the correct person for you to see, rather it’s about experimenting and finding out who comes into your life during various times. Everything is meant to happen once you begin listening to your inner self and what your gut tells you.

With that, I share with you my experience from with emotional cleansing, acupuncture, and energy healing. Next time you find yourself walking the streets of this magical island of Bali, I HIGHLY recommend making the trek, near or far, to Alchemy and booking with any of these three. Click here to read about Narrative Therapy & Acupuncture with Ben. Click here to read about Biofield energy work with Julz. Click here to read about Quantum Healing with Dean.

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With Love, N

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