Don't Gain Weight! Read This

11 Aug 2014

 I get asked all the time how I stay healthy when I travel, how I don’t gain weight and tips for those traveling. I wrote THIS post on staying healthy while traveling but I wanted to share my specifics to make it easy for you! 🙂 So without further ado, here are my top rules for eating out when traveling:

  1. Let go of your weird food rules. You can be as strict at home as you like, but when you are with other people in a new city, it’s not only about you know. It’s about the people you’re with and sharing new experiences. Imagine if you go out with people to Italy for instance and they have the most beautiful locally sourced ingredients to make an Italian pizza. All your friends have a slice or two, but you abstain because you don’t eat gluten or dairy- you will be missing out on a shared experience to which they will all talk about later, but you will be missing out. You can always get back on track when you’re home!
  2. Pick what you want to indulge in and stick with it. Of course, I wanted to eat pizza from Italy, coffee and croissants from France, and Greek yogurt from Greece all day everyday, however doing this would make me feel a bit yucky. I don’t personally do well with dairy or gluten but in small doses I love to indulge! Each place you go, figure out what the local cuisine is or what they are best known for. If it appeals to you, then plan out a time or place you will have your meal. I like finding the most local place as you know it will be great (and typically more local ingredients, not that stuff that’s shipped across the world!) rather than some touristy joint. Make sure you’re not stressing about eating this food, rather sit, say a little prayer to yourself showing gratitude for being in another place, eating a deliciously prepared meal. Savor each bite and I recommend sitting down to a meal, not walking around as you really wont appreciate all the flavors. Use utensils! By allowing yourself to indulge you wont feel you missed out when you return home.

    French pastries…nothing better! Enjoy as a planned indulgence


    Enjoy treats in moderation, such as fresh & locally made Italian pizza!

  3. Balance out indulgences with healthy food. I like to follow the 80/20 rule in life, which means eating healthy (whatever this means to you) 80% of the time with 20% ‘breaking the rules.’ Now by no means do I sit there and count how often I cheat versus eat well, it’s mainly a balance and just knowing that the occasional cheat wont kill my progress. This really just shows that it’s OKAY to have something that isn’t on your ‘health program’ and that you can do it as long as in moderation. There are some weeks I have more ‘cheats’ and some weeks I have less, just as long as they balance out it’s not a problem. For me, having lean proteins, lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and water is healthy. My cheats involve chocolate, homemade desserts, or something out at a restaurant.

Really, what this all means is finding what works for you. Nutrition is one of those things that there is no set answer to what’s right and wrong and it truly should be based on bio-individuality. No two people are the same, we don’t have the same schedules, relationships, eating times or hunger levels. We don’t exercise the same and even if we do, one person might have more muscle mass than the other making the food be digested different. My point to this post was to share my personal tips when I go on holiday and that no matter your thoughts on the ‘perfect diet’ that it’s okay to splurge every now and then.

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