Why I Don’t Want Quarantine To End

27 Apr 2020

Good morning beautiful people!

Happy Monday. As I sit here in London, starting a new week in week-whatever of staying at home, I realized that I don’t actually want quarantine to end. Today I wanted to take to my blog and just share some unstructured thoughts with you. Normally as I write, there is a topic that I’m helping you with, giving you tips and tricks and formatting my thoughts at bit more ‘elegantly’ let’s say. Today though, I figured it could be nice to just use this space as to write as I would in my journal.

As I spent my weekend walking around outside due to the gorgeous weather in London, as well as prepping and teaching the cooking class that I did on Sunday via Insta, I had a thought that “I’m really not ready to go back to normal life.”

I don’t know about you, but this whole time has been a roller coster of emotions coming up. I’ve found myself feeling trapped, missing my friends terribly, wanting to go out to restaurants, and just have human interaction. Then the other side of that has been I’ve finally began to enjoy at-home workouts (which I never have in the past!) and I’m loving cooking meals each night and really having “the time” to do so. Not to mention that I’m actually getting to see/speak with my friends and family MORE than before.


When the quarantine started I decided that I wanted to come out of this period a better person.

I wrote down a list of what my intentions, goals and outcomes were for this time, which included spiritual, mental, business, friend-related goals and more. I realized that many of the things I had not been doing in the past were due this perceived ‘lack of time’ and suddenly I have ‘all the time in the world.’ A few of my biggest goals were finances and to really understand as much as I can about them including where to invest, getting more clarity on my brand and where I want it to go, as well as to show up as a better daughter/friend, i.e. improve my relationships.

And so each week, these became the leading focus for me. I’ll also mention here that I HATED at-home workouts. I would literally skip a workout if I had to follow a YouTube video or do yoga solo, which is ironic because I’m a yoga teacher and love yoga/working out.


It’s only now, over a month of being at home, that I am feeling settled, finally in my grove, with a routine, and incredibly happy about what I’m doing. I’ve been dealing with the emotions that come up and rather than judge them as if I shouldn’t have them, I would dive into what were the causes behind them. Such as, I have always had doubts about my brand. It might not seem this way from the outside, but I do believe that anyone who has their own brand or company goes through this.

I always wonder if I’m putting out the right content, enough of it, why my Instagram is not growing, why I’ve had an aversion to doing more YouTube videos (the answer there is because although I put lots of energy into them, they just don’t seem to get viewed, which kills my motivation). And so during the quarantine I found that these feelings of inadequacy were popping up.

I would sit with them and then come up with an action plan as to how to overcome them, or see what I needed to change. It was a hard, but good exercise to do. And so I then launched Sharper Living, which was a total transformation program based on fitness classes, health/life coaching and cooking classes, which I’m now doing weekly and I love them. One of the things I realized was that because my rates are higher to work one-on-one with me, not so many of you had the opportunity to get help. The other side of this was I felt not many of you got to see my personality as much via IG, because there’s only so much you can get across in posts / stories.


During these classes, I’ve been able to show off my silly side and share some laughs with you. I actually feel more connected with you all as I do these classes. If I’m not feeling motivated to do the at-home workouts, leading you in the live fitness classes changes that immediately and I become so excited to teach, share, and workout with you all.

Currently I’m teaching a 30 minute HIIT class on Tues/Fri at 9.30am pst via IG Live (it was zoom but the response was you all wanted to on IG), and a 60 minute health/life coaching class on Thursday at 9.30am pst, which you need to register for.

When I go for walks around the city, I listen to podcasts by Gary V to learn more about social media and see what I can change or implement, dealing with my mental blocks. I also listen to lots of finance/business podcasts to learn about the economy, money, and what to do investment-wise right now.


My day-to-day is now based on a consistent routine (watch this video I made to learn about my hacks for productivity while being at home), setting goals for each day &  tackling the important projects. I use the Panda Planner which I love. I actually researched every planner out there and this was the one that I ended up choosing because it had everything needed to have a fulfilling + productive month/week/day.

I’ve decided to get past my mental blocks and just DO IT when it comes to writing on my blog, filming YouTube videos and sharing more fun things on IG. If you aren’t subscribed to my YT, I would love you do so, as I really have been sharing tips that will help you, ranging from dealing with anxiety/loneliness, a 10-minute guided meditation (I’ve received amazing feedback on how effective this one is), tips on productivity, and a new series of ‘Ask Nikki’ where I answer your questions in a short + fun format.


Not to mention, it’s the first time EVER that I am actually taking the weekend off from work and enjoying laying on the couch watching Netflix all day or going about my weekends with no plans, no need to do anything. I also take time off when I’m eating lunch during the week and catch up on a favorite show, whereas in the past I always did working lunches.


I’m filling the house with beautiful flowers each week to make sure there is a punch of color which makes me happy, as well as that the house is clean and organized. (An unorganized house = an unorganized mind). When I go for walks, I take photos of things that make me happy, such as how it’s spring in London and the flowers are blooming, to unique streets I find. I’ve been cooking up a storm and practicing new recipes, such as banana bread, cookies, spring rolls, some Turkish dishes, and much more.

I also started a book club when this all started, reading Attached, where I get to see my best friends each week as we discuss the book and life. My parents and I have a weekly cocktail hour date that we do and I look forward to it every Saturday now.


It was also the PERFECT time to do my 5-Day Detox, which I did last week and had hundreds of you join. There truly is no better time to do it than now, when we are all at home. One of my best friends did it with me and saw incredible results – plus it was so fun to text each other daily on how the detox was going for us and to be supportive of one another.


So although I’ve had the waves of emotion like everyone else, I’m coming to a point where I just feel like I’m finally in a routine and really getting to use this time for me. I get that it might sound selfish when we focus on ourselves, but this is needed in order to show up for others as best we can. This time at home has yes, been hard, but also, it’s made me become grateful for so so so many of the little things in life that I never really noticed.

This is why I don’t want quarantine to end. I would truly enjoy another month to continue everything and all the self-discovery.

That being said, I do realize there are many of you who have been laid off and need to find a new job or won’t make money until this is over and your company opens back up. To this, I completely understand and empthasize with you. What I can offer you now is that although you might be feeling stressed or anxious, it’s also the perfect time to really dive into yourself.

I’ve had so many comments over the years about people who hated their jobs, didn’t like their relationship, couldn’t find one, those of you who were unhappy in life for one reason or another. You will never have another opportunity like this really figure out what you want and to be able to focus on yourself. I encourage you to use this time at home, however long it will last, to figure out what you want in life, your job, your relationship. To read books on the subject you want to improve and listen to podcasts.


While these times of uncertainty can be very hard, it’s the very moment now that we are learning how to sit in those uncomfortable feelings and to let go of our need for control. The more you can do that, be better off you will be when this ends.

Okay, well those are my rambling thoughts for this Monday morning. I hope you enjoyed reading this, learning a bit more about me, and hopefully you take a moment to watch some of my YouTube videos or previous blog posts I’ve done!

I’d love to know your comments on this. Do you agree with me and have the same feelings or are you totally over the quarantine and ready for real life to start again?

Sending you all huge love for this week.


PS – I ‘m excited to get my nails and hair done, lol.

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