Kitchen Gadgets I Recommend

05 Sep 2013

It’s a funny thing because if you had asked me a year ago what I would spend $2,000 on if I won the lottery (or was just kindly given a  large sum of money hehe), it would have been clothes and makeup. Ask me that now and of my response will be a vehement KITCHEN GADGETS!

With so many products on the market today it’s hard to know what to buy, which things are totally necessary and if you are on a budget, the appliances that won’t make you spend your whole paycheck. Having bought a lot of things that I’ve liked and not liked, I figured I would go over my favorite products and ones I think you need to have.

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Kenwood food processor

the almighty food processor will become your favorite food gadget. I cannot believe I didn’t have one earlier or how I even survived. These babies come in various models from mini ones that blend sauces, chop nuts and are great for small quantity items. The next level up are 1.5L jugs that do everything from slicing your veggies for you in various ways, they create breads, whipped cream style sauces and really allow you to create just about everything.

  • They range from $100 all the way to over $1,000. You do pay for quality so the lower priced ones won’t have as many features but I do not think getting a super expensive one is really necessary if you are short on cash. My favorite brand is Kenwood (although be careful if you get a lower priced one as it can break quite easily). KitchenAid and Cuisineart are other great brands.


many food processors now come with the power to blend foods into smoothies and soups, such as the thermomix and Magimix. Others have a different attachment for the blender such as Kenwood, which I personally like having.



  • I think overall this is the best purchase you can do as it gives you both a food processor and blender all in one (however just note the blender will not be quite as powerful as it would on a blender specific model). The Vitamix and Thermomix are the creme-de-la-creme, but are pricey. I have the Kenwood multipro 959.


Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

these appliances are perfect if you are just starting off with purchasing kitchen equipment, as they can create a salsa super easily, want to make a delicious green smoothie, or whip up a batch of frozen banana ice cream. I think that of all the appliances this one will make your life complete, if you are on a budget.

  • I have heard amazing reviews on the Magic Bullet, although I haven’t personally tried it. Vitamix again is one of the best, but pricey. Phillips do a cheaper option, while still being quite sturdy.

JUICERScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.05.08 PM

juicing is incredibly good for your body and I do highly recommend getting a juicer if it’s in your budget. I believe that this will be an investment that will help you save on medical bills and drastically improve your health and happiness, so do think about if you can start saving for a juicer. It doesn’t need to be expensive, however do note that the slightly pricier brands will extract more juice from your fruit and veg, drastically improving the nutritional quality of your juices. You will need to chose between masticating, which handles leafy greens, wheatgrass and living sprouts exceptionally well. A centrifugal juicer cannot handle the fiber of leafy greens, but is perfect for cucumbers, celery, fruit and produce with a high water density.

  • Manual Easy Health Juicer is a great masticating brand, while the Prime PJE020 Juice Extractor is a great centrifugal juicer, both under $100.

SPIRALIZERScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.19.53 PM

one of my absolutely favorite items is my spirulizer, and while I understand this might sound (and look!) like some sort of torture chamber, I can promise that it will change your life and make you start loving your vegetables! This contraption does nothing super fancy however it can turn your fruit and veg into different shaped ‘pasta’ noodles, which is just so much more fun than just chopping.

  • I have the Lurch brand, which I bought from for $30.00. I highly recommend this specific brand/model.

KNIVESScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.06.12 PM

while most of you  might not think that a good knife is that important, let me tell you- it is! You don’t need to spend tons of money on knives, however you really should invest a bit on a set that includes a paring knife, chef’s knife, and carving knife.  There are so many options and price variations; don’t worry so much about getting a super expensive set, but don’t get the cheapest one either. Spending $30.00 for a set is totally fine!

  • Maxwell & Williams is a great brand, along with KitchenAid.

NON-STICK PANScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 6.22.22 PM

this is one thing that you will  thank me for. There is nothing worse than trying to cook eggs or saute anything and having it stick to the pan, leaving you to use a scrubber desperately trying to clean off most of your eggs. A non-stick pan uses teflon, and while there is a debate on whether non-stick is good to use for your health, I think that if you can’t afford copper pans, this is a must have.



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