Do’s and Don’ts For Faster Results

21 May 2014

We all want to see results, like yesterday. It can be really hard when you’re working out day after day and don’t feel like you are seeing the changes you want. I know for me, I get really bummed when I don’t think my body is changing and that’s when I sometimes kick it into overdrive. There’s nothing wrong with working out twice a day, as long as you are doing it correctly. I wanted to share my biggest Do’s and Dont’s for doing 2-a-days and other recommendations on getting those results you want!

DO- Do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help to burn fat easier than if you eat prior. It’s best to do 30-40 minutes moderate effort, no need to go all out intensity for maximum results.
DON’T- Eat a bad breakfast right after. Going and having a bagel, cream cheese and fresh OJ will negate all the results you’ll see. Aim for an egg scramble with quinoa and veggies or a green smoothie to revitalize your body afterwards.

DO- Lift weights or do a body weight circuit in the afternoon. Doing cardio in the morning and lifting weights in the evening will help you to burn more calories and maximize your workouts. Focus on lifting high weights, low reps and switching it up with doing body weight circuits with movements such as burpees, pushups, situps and jump squats.
DON’T-  Lift the same body part each day. Your body needs to rest and if you are doing leg workouts each day, the muscles don’t have a chance recover and repair. Make sure so switch it up each day between legs, lower/upper back, arms, abs and cardio.

DO- Make things short but maximum effort (HIIT). When it comes to burning calories and fat, high intensity interval training is the way to go! This means short, sweet, and pretty damn hard. You will be working out for 20 minutes, but at maximum level. It’s harder but you finish quicker and you will burn calories for up to 48 hours longer than if you do a longer but easier workout.
DON’T- Do two hours each day. When you increase intensity, you increase fat burn. Gone are the days that you need to workout for hours on end. It will save you time to do other things with your day.

DO- Listen to good music when you work out. It is scientifically proven that listening to upbeat music makes you move more and enjoy the workout session. Don’t forget good headphones to get you in the zone.
DON’T- Text or play with your phone when working out. There is nothing quicker of ruining the intensity of your workout than checking your phone mid-workout. Put it on silent or go with a music only player. This way, no temptation.

DO- Take a rest day or two. Your body needs to rest and recover in order to build muscle, burn fat and not have burnout. You will be able to go harder at your next workout if you take a day off. The body needs it as much as your mind does. (Think about your weekends off from work, your body is the same without working out.)
DON’T- force yourself to workout even when you are very tired. Dreading the gym or can’t face another run? You’re probably going through workout overdose. You are better off getting some rest or doing a light rest day, where you do some yoga or a light run.

DO- Eat well. No matter how good your workouts are, if you aren’t seeing results it’s most likely due to your diet.
DON’T- Go mental about your eating regime. If you stress about your food, workouts or results your body will release cortisol, which is the stress hormone and can lead to weight/fat gain around your middle. Enjoy your workouts, the food you eat and don’t freak out if you mess up on your healthy eating regime.

Hope these little tips help you to start seeing results and enjoying your workouts again!



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