Four Seasons Costa Rica

10 Nov 2015

Costa Rica is one of those places that I have been told about for a while now. Everyone kept telling me, “Nikki, you are going to LOVE Costa Rica!” It was no surprise that when I finally decided to go, Four Seasons was on the top of my list. I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at the Four Seasons Costa Rica and goodness gracious, I am so happy I did!

When I arrived, the drive to the resort was long. And by long, I mean you enter the property and it’s one of the most spectacular “driveways” imaginable. You drive for about 15 minutes, passing the golf course, tennis courts, volleyball, finally arriving at the entrance, where you realize this is where I’m staying, holy Wow!


Upon arrival into my room, I was greeted with local delicacies including all sorts of sweet treats, cookies, candy, pastries, popcorn, and more. I wish I could share a photo of this with you, sadly my phone and camera were both dead and I managed to eat nearly everything in sight before they were charged; it was THAT good.

For the next few days my schedule included: breakfast at the buffet (I’m sorry, but I’m a sucker for a buffet, even if all I ate was the insanely good local fruit, plus a few other bits and bobs), walk/ run on the beach- which I meandered between the two they have, a hike up the 700 stairs to try and see monkeys (and as my friends and family told me to take pictures of: leopards and sloths), paddle boarding, kayaking, and lounging by the pool. I also played pool, ping pong, and other games in the game room, as well as tennis. After all those activities, it was necessary to have a drink at the bar while live music played, then move on to dinner at one of the three restaurants they have.



One of thing things that I can genuinely say that I loved about this hotel is that unlike other Four Seasons, they have sooo many activities. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to try everything, even though I would have liked to. I mean, going to the local market, light-up night paddle boarding, a chocolate making class, and stargazing and dining experience… like hello, yes please.

That’s the thing. You get to this hotel and you are torn. Part of you wants to get out and do every single activity, because I mean, you ARE in Costa Rica and all. Yet, the other part of you wants to grab a pina colada, sit by the pool, and not move the entire time you are there. Oh the conundrum. I found a sweet balance, though, and tried a lot of fun things (all of which I can recommend), meanwhile found total relaxation.

On my last day there, I was shown around the property and all I can really tell you is w.o.w. It’s not often that I go to hotels and say that I would happily go back. Yet, this is one of those places where I would go back in a heart-beat. The reason being that their private residences are some of the nicest that I’ve seen (although small recommendation, go when it’s not high season). And even though I don’t play golf, the golf course is enough to convert anyone into playing. I did get to do the tour around the first nine holes on the golf course and the views are spectacular. I did hope I would see more interesting creatures, yet I did manage to see a few monkeys and one of the cat/lemur/raccoon things, and some prehistoric looking lizards!


So my overall review: although I didn’t see much of Costa Rica and other resorts, I can highly recommend Four Seasons CR, and that’s saying something. I loved all the activities, the friendliness of the staff (I mean, they were SUPER amazing!), and the fact that there are two beaches. It’s secluded, yet you will never feel bored. The golf course if pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve seen and for someone that doesn’t play golf, I will go back to play in a second. Having experience the hotel and beaches, my next trip back will be staying at the private residences with friends. Yup, sounds about right. A beautiful hotel, in a great location. I will definitely be back.

Have you all been to Costa Rica? What about the Four Seasons? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

With Love,

Nikki x


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