Getting Lost In a Moment- Candle Style

17 Dec 2014

IMG_6816I’m a huge sucker for candles. I mean, like obsession level sucker. There is just something about lighting a candle that fills your room with a fragrance that can take you away to past memories, create new memories, they can relax you, set the mood for dinner, fun time in the bedroom, as well as helping you meditate and clear your mind, among many other reasons.

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For myself, candles represent something more than wax being lit. They completely relax me and I am able to step out of my busy mind into a more appreciative place. I personally light over 10 candles in my small apartment each night to start my routine of ending the day and getting ready for bed.


I recently picked up some new candles from Valuspa from the Maison collection and immediately fell in love. They are petite little candles, smell absolutely amazing and have beautiful labels. Those along with some white flowers and crystal rocks and I created a little corner in my room to meditate and create space and energy that puts me in a good mood.


I think it’s very important to do something for yourself each and everyday. We focus a lot of our energy on others and it’s vital to do some self love in order to keep a calm mind, loving heart, and enjoy others.

What are your favorite candles?

With Love, N

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  1. Lauren says:

    Love that you’re doing the lifestyle blogging thing, Nikki! I’m a sucker for candles too 🙂
    x Lauren

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