Sprinting vs Long Distance

12 Apr 2013

I have gotten a lot of request on how to lose fat the most effectively and I have came across amazing info that will leave you in awe.
Have you ever looked at Olympic Sprinters and/or Olympic Long distance runners? If the answer is yes, what is the difference between there build?

You all are probably wondering why I am comparing to different types of athletes, but there is a very good reason behind it. What exactly is the difference between sprinting and long distance running? They are very effective with weight loss, but here’s some amazing points on why each is effective and why one is better than the other.


Why long distance running is effective?


Imagine a day where it’s just complete sunshine. Clouds are absent from the deep blue sky, with the sun shining brighter than you could ever imagine. There’s green every where. There are other runners smiling passing by, not knowing eachother, but have some sort of conncetion because you are doing the same thing. Sound nice? Yeah, long distance running will bring you nothing but good vibes and is amazing for weight loss.

Some advatages of  long distance running:

Amazing for focus and clearing your mind. You can really get in touch with your personal self on a deeper level by running for long periods of time.

Increased endurance and consitstency (running for long periods of time will teach you about staying on track and keep going)

It enchances your ability to take in more oxygen! Opens up your lungs much more than the ordinary person helping you in the longer runs such as marathons.

Some disadvatnges of long distance running:

Long distance running doesn’t heighten your metabolism. only for the time being that you are running.

Sometimes when you are running for long distances you dont have access to food and if you have forgetten to eat or haven’t eaten enough then you will burn out because of the length of the run. This is very damaging to your body.

Very hard on your joints! Running for so long for years has alot of sheer force on your knees and shins, destroying lean muscle tissue and decreasing bone density.

Takes alot longer to see fat loss! The weight might be coming off but thats a mix of muscle and fat loss. Which YOU DON’T WANT.

Why sprinting is effective?


Remember how I was describing the ideal day for a long distance runner? Forget that. Throw it out the window. Go pick it up and throw it out the window again. Sprinters are going to get work done fast and effienctly. Sprinters are in full attack mode. When you are in the zone on a 100 meter sprint you feel almost invincible. You have momentum, sweat dripping, heart rate soaring, lactic acid building up,andthen you stop, rest for about 30 seconds, and ‘give your system a rest to restore and get ready to attack again.

Some advantages of  sprinting:

Results are FAST! When I mean fast, I mean you  might notice a difference in body fat in for some cases, in a weeks time!

The workout is as fast as the results compared to long distance running. A good sprinting workout may only have to last 10 minutes compared to 60 minutes of long distance steady running!

It heightens your metabolism when you are sprinting AND for the rest of the day. I recommend getting up early in the morning and going to sprint to jump start your metabolism for the rest of the day.

It promotes lean muscle mass and bone density while literally attacking away fat cells. If you want that “Tight” look, sprinting will absoulutley help you with achieving that.

Takes your endurance to another level without having to run for so long and really helps your mindset making you feel like you can do anything.

Because its so effective in such a short amount of time it gives you much more time to do other things during the day.

Some disadvantnges of sprinting:     

Other than having to adjust to the intensity of sprinting and getting a good warm-up to prevent injury just like any other excersise. Sprinting is a win-win situation. Keep calm and Sprint on!




5 Responses

  1. betsy says:

    This post has really been enlightening. I have considered going jogging as well as doing my regular resistance work in the gym. However, although I’ve played football in the past (endurance) and basketball (speed and endurance) I currently play dodgeball with each game only last 2 minutes but leaves me feeling sick, sweaty and out of breath. I have always been a sprinter and never have enjoyed distance running. I love the thought of going for a long run and just getting rid of stress etc but don’t have the interest or mental ability to achieve this idea. I hate treadmills and tend to warm up for a few minutes, do a 1 minute sprint and then get off. This post however has encouraged me to increase the number of sprints I do on the treadmill and reduce the amount of time jogging at the beginning. I always feel unfit when I see someone jogging for half an hour and not looking hot/tired in any way and I come along and sprint for a minute or two and look like a tomato but now I realise it is because sprinting requires more energy in a short space of time compared to their jogging at a constant pace. sorry for the rambling but i find fitness and nutrition posts very interesting and informative. Love your instagram btw 🙂 x

  2. Alannah says:

    How long do you recommend sprinting for? ie. what is a good way to do a sprint workout?

  3. Montana says:

    Is there a sprinting routine that you have that I can refer to for a work out?
    How often would you recommend?



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