Hawaii Retreat: Total Wellness Made Sexy

15 Jun 2016

I am so excited to announce I’m doing my first ever Hawaii Retreat: Total Wellness Made Sexy. Read further for details on this ridiculously amazing retreat and why it will make you feel better than you ever have.

What’s the sexiest quality a person can have? Confidence! Confidence comes from feeling in control of your life, feeling like you’re making the right decisions, and feeling sexy in your body.

I believe living a healthy lifestyle and becoming the best version of yourself is incredibly sexy. This August I’m pairing up with dear friend, yoga and meditation instructor and overall beautiful and inspiring soul, Fern Olivia, to host a holistic Hawaii retreat at the Four Seasons Hualalai, Total Wellness Made Sexy. We will be sharing our passion and personal transformations to help others to grow in their own ability to reduce stress, live healthier, and feel the amazing and sexy confidence that comes with aspiring to be the best version of yourself possible. I am so excited to finally share more details with you all!

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At the retreat you will grow through:

  • Workshops to turn your desires and dreams into reality with an achievable plan, overcome the fear of food while learning how to cook delicious & easy meals, and improve your relationship in both personal and professional life
  • Tantric & Meditation Practices to create a more fulfilled life with easy practices to do at home
  • Daily Workouts including yoga and fitness classes to promote wellness from the outside in

We would love to have you at this amazing Hawaii retreat. It’s designed to empower you with confidence by giving you the tools to reach your fullest potential and create the life you want. We will teach you how to transform your health and habits and provide clarity surrounding what you truly want out of life. The retreat will address the entire body, mind, and spirit with a complete program including fitness, yoga, meditation, and improving relationships with food, friends, family, and significant others. We will focus on how to change your body and how to properly handle stress and disappointments in life to fully thrive.


The retreat will be hosted at the gorgeous and luxurious Four Seasons Resort Hualalai from August 21st-25th, 2016. This picturesque resort is an experience on its own. It is built into its natural surroundings and it’s a seamless integration of beauty, culture and history. With the striking contrast of black lava rock with towering coconut palms, white sandy beaches and the gorgeous blue sea, your relaxation will begin the moment you arrive.

We will begin the retreat by creating a safe space to grow together over the five days. The educational and interactive workshops each day will vary in nature but will collectively help you build the tools you need to achieve your best life.

Men and women are both highly recommended to come. Together, we will be diving into relationships and the more people there the better!

Each morning after breakfast we will practice yoga, meditation or a fitness class on the beach to start our day active and enjoy the beautiful Hawaii weather. The food served will be locally grown, organic meals that highlight the amazing seasonal foods of Hawaii.

At the end of the five days you will leave feeling as though you have been on vacation, yet at the same time, gained tools to empower you to navigate life’s challenges in more effective ways to attain the life you want to live.

I beyond excited for this amazing program and I hope to see you there. Check out more information on the retreat from the Four Seasons here and let me know if you have any other questions.


Comment below what you would like to get out of the retreat.




12 Responses

  1. Tessa says:

    This looks amazing!!


  2. Stacie Nguyen says:

    I definitely want to learn more to become healthy, positive, and create more benefiting relationships. When can we sign up for this and how?

  3. Federica says:

    I’m so sad I don’t have the money to afford it 🙁 I’m sure it will me amazing, you’re great, keep it up Nikki!

  4. Pearl says:

    Are you planning on doing anymore retreats this year? 🙂

    • nikki sharp says:

      Hi Pearl- yes! I have one coming up in Los Angeles Sept 22-25 with a skin care expert as well as meditation, yoga and inspirational speakers. Let me know if you’re interested in more info! x

  5. Nathalie says:

    Hi Nikki,
    The schedule and location are wonderful! As living in Europe/Vienna & London I am not sure if I can make it in August, do you have already details for L.A. ? Are you also planing retreats in London?
    Looking forward hearing from you,
    Best wishes from Vienna

  6. uffca.ca says:

    The Total Wellness Made Sexy is a holistic retreat designed to empower you with confidence by giving you the tools to transform your health and habits and provide clarity surrounding what you truly want.

  7. Madeline Cardenas says:

    Hi Nikki!
    How can I find out what the cost would be to attend? Are flights included?

    • nikki sharp says:

      Hi Madeline, here are some more details + cost. Flights are not included, however we can assist you with this through a travel agent 🙂

      Yoga and meditation
      Goal and intention setting
      Workshops on improving relationships with food
      Organic cooking lesson
      Guided meditation
      Meal plan with breakfast, lunch & dinner
      Shuttle service to and from the airport
      All taxes, tips and services at the hotel restaurants
      Retreats Unlimited daily gift bag


      Early Bird Promotion is available until July 25, 2016

      $3,858 USD – Double Occupancy (shared room) • $5,586 USD – Single Occupancy

  8. Hi Nikki!

    I missed the retreat last year, will there be one in 2017? If so, can you please send me more info?

    Thank you!

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