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17 Jul 2014

I recently took a few weeks, 5 weeks to be exact, off from Stay Sharp Be Strong, blogging and well- kind of just working. It was a bit of time for myself to regenerate after a very long year and gave me the chance to experience Europe in an amazing jet set way. Now some of you might not understand how I can just ‘take 5 weeks off,’ however I assure you that during this time it was exactly what was needed to come back stronger going into the fall.

However, I think taking time off is one of those double-edged swords because we all want to go travel, explore, take time off for ourselves and be able to do what we want in our free time. On the other end, when we take time off it seems like we come back to an even bigger pile of problems whether at work, school, or with life in general. I had this in that if I took some time off I felt it would be impossible to catch up with everything when I got back. I put off traveling all of last year because I didn’t want to mess up the popularity my company was gaining and I thought I would lose my momentum with my creativity.IMG_6977

That was until I met my boyfriend. He helped me realize that my company will be there if I take off time, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks. In this, I realized that my amazing community actually likes me taking time off to regenerate and you all fully support my decisions when I get off instagram. It’s strange to think how we think life will end, as we know if we do things for ourselves, yet everyone else always promotes you doing things to better yourself. How amazing people are!

I decided to take my dream holiday in June with my boyfriend to Europe, a place I’ve always wanted to travel. I was able to see so many new cultures, meet amazing people, make new friends and get so many new rich experiences.IMG_6886

I took time off. I only posted on instagram when I felt like it rather than feeling I needed to post. I didn’t write any new blog posts. Rather, I explored, I filmed many videos to post on YouTube (it will be a mini show joining me on my jet set lifestyle and how to stay healthy while doing so) and overall I just enjoyed myself. I’ve never done anything like this before and it took a few weeks to really, truly relax. I ended up getting sick because my body finally let it’s guards down and I was no longer running off adrenaline.


The point of this post is to share with you 1-that I’m back in action and feeling refreshed. I am so excited to have new ideas and have my creativity back (it kind of disappeared after working too much… funny how that goes! We think working more will make us more productive whereas it seems to have the opposite effect!). 2- that I truly believe that we ALL need to take more time for ourselves. So many people I know are too scared to take time off from work, for fear of losing their job, or fear to stop studying, fear to make time to make themselves feel happy when they have a family to tend to. (I think I will write a post on fear after this!) I guess I mean to say that by taking some time for yourself, whether it’s one day up to a few weeks or even a year, making time to enjoy things you like and enjoy the experiences of life will make you happier and be more appreciative of everything around you.

Stay tuned as I’m adding a few posts on how to eat well, stay healthy and fit and my top tips for eating out in different countries. They will be live in the next week 🙂

Now… enough for the fear/happiness talk… on to some vacation pictures!

Lots of love,



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