Getting My A** Kicked By Jillian Michaels

30 Jul 2015

DSC_3463There was this time that I managed to not only meet Jillian Michaels, but she royally kicked my a** and it was AWESOME.

How did I meet her you ask?

DSC_3221After arriving back from my extended yoga training/vacation/living situation in Bali, I was asked to attend the Krave Jerky event, hosted by Jillian Michaels. We were told to show up in our cutest workout gear and be ready for a workout that would leave us feeling guuuud.

I spent many years watching Jillian on the Biggest Loser and was always fascinated by her style. She motivates you to do your best but also makes you feel slightly scared to quit. I was always interested to know what she was like in person and whether I could handle her workouts. Well…now was the time to see!

I arrived on time, as I always do, excited to meet Jillian, listen to her speak and get in an awesome workout.

The morning was really cold for a typical sunny Cali day and we were all shivering, waiting for the event to kick off. In this time I was able to meet other bloggers, influencers, and magazine writers, speak to Jillian’s manager, John, and learn all the new projects she was doing, and of course, talk about my crazy looking water.


One of the best conversation starters is having weird looking drinks, and today was another day where I was asked ‘what the heck is that?!’ John grabbed my water (which was just filtered water with a mint tea bag in it, deliciousness!) and held it up to Jillian and said, ‘Jillian- I peed in this!’ She of course looked a little shocked but then I was able to jump in and tell her about my water creation. Seriously though, if you’ve ever been at an event and don’t know how to start a conversation, bring infused water or a bottle with a tea bag in it. It’s a really good way to start talking to people if you’re a bit nervous.

As we all waited, chatted, and learned more about what was to come I was able to check out the event and what they were offering.


DSC_3309Then came the line which we all joined (I was pushed to the front somehow, eek!) and took my photo with the lovely Jillian. She’s pretty tiny, but mighty fierce. You can tell this woman doesn’t take any shit from people. She’s quite friendly and prettier than I thought. She happily took photos with everyone that was there (it was about 20 of us that were invited) and then sat down for a Q & A.


What I find pretty awesome about what she was saying is how she’s raising her kids. She told us that she absolutely lets her kids have junk food, because she’d rather them not feel deprived and go binge on it when at friends houses, and how she wants them to grow up learning balance in the food they eat. I find this so important, because as much as I think it would be great for everyone to not eat any junk food (myself included), it’s just not realistic in our culture. It’s far more important to learn that you can still have ‘bad food’ as long as it’s in moderation with a healthier lifestyle.


It was then on to the main show, getting our A** kicked! She had two girls come up to the front to demonstrate each move (i.e. do the FULL workout in front of everyone). EEK! They were champs though and got ‘er done, sweat, cameras and all.


Jillian doing what she does best, getting people motivated!


Me, doing what I do best…. sweating my freaking arse off! Haha! It’s definitely a little intimidating having having cameras taking photos and filming you while you try not to die (in front of Jillian).

The workout lasted 30 minutes, maybe it was longer but honestly who was counting (not me of course!). It was a mix of body weight exercises and using dumbells to keep our heart rate up, with no breaks in between. I’m used to hard workouts, but this was hard. Really hard. It makes me a bit scared to try any of her DVD’s, but also really excited because I know that you will see results.

What made it even harder was that I was still slightly jet lagged, had caught a cold and wasn’t feeling my best, and hadn’t done this sort of workout in a while. I love my fitness and all, but while I was in Bali I mainly ran on the beach and did yoga. Nothing like a few minutes of straight burpees to jump squats to make you feel like you’re dying. But of course, in a good. way.

DSC_4372At the end there was food, drinks, champagne (obvsss!) and lots of samples of Krave Jerky.

It was a really fun event and I’m so happy that I was invited to it! I got to meet some really interesting people (the two in the picture above both work for magazines like People and US) and walk away knowing that I would be feeling sore the next day.

Have you ever done one of Jillian’s workouts? What are your thoughts?

With Love, N


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