Lessons For A Better 2021

25 Jan 2021

Hello my loves,

It’s been a minute since I came on here and so today I wanted to share a small update on the end of last year + lessons for a better 2021. As many of you know, I moved to Miami mid-pandemic, starting life completely anew in a place that I didn’t know many people. Yet a little voice told me to come here and from that moment there has been ease amongst many decisions I’ve made, some hard times, and of course the opportunity to make new friends.

In November of last year I started Nikki Sharp’s Giveback Cause. It didn’t have a name when I started, rather, it was just a momentary thought I had to help people pay their bills during the holidays and provide food for those who wouldn’t be able to buy Thanksgiving dinner. It turned into SO much more, with many influencer friends sharing what I was doing with their audiences, others offering to pay their follower’s bills, and then people DM’ing me asking if they could privately donate. That’s when I set up a GoFundMe page, as the donations just kept rolling in.

Not only this, but I was featured in Buzzfeed about the donations and Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine. Many people donated services, such as health and business coaching, others donated products from their brands and so I began matching people of those asking to those who were giving.

The entire giveback cause turned into something that was incredibly fulfilling, but also time consuming and a bit stressful. I was working alone doing all of this, managing product shipments, matching people with others, sending gift cards, vetting those who messaged me on IG wanting help, doing press interviews, and more. It warmed my heart to be able to help so many people and at the same time, I understand why charities need people who work for them, as you truly cannot make the impact you want alone.

Around Christmas time I finally took some much needed time off, spending quality time with friends, making mulled wine at my apartment, cooking, facetiming my parents as we weren’t together this holiday. It was hard for me to take time off as I tend to work ALL the time, but my body and mind sort of ‘forced’ me too.

Pictured above and below: wearing the Jo Embellished Mini Skirt and Angelina Bodysuit from Revolve.

Instead, a good friend of mine stayed with me in Miami and we ate delicious food, took lots of content (he’s an incredible photographer), and I was able to truly reflect on all the time / energy spent on the giveback cause that I had done. I did have a few more things to do with it, such as sending gift packages out and I knew that I would not feel completely happy until that was done.

Suffice to say, I was invited by a private health coaching client to Nevi’s Island in the Carribean, which I decided to do at a moment’s notice, getting my covid test done, ticket bought and leaving Miami on December 26 only to return after 2021.

It was one of those moments where your heart/intuition tells you one thing and your rational mind says something else. However, I live my life based on this simple question: “Is it a F yes? or a F no?” Going to Nevi’s was a F yes, and so it all flowed with ease, as I felt I was following guidance from above.

Upon going out of the country (doing all the safety precautions, which are a LOT fyi), I found myself burnt out in a sense. 2020 had been a crazy year, from starting it off in Bali last January, moving back to LA after being gone two years, only to leave after 1.5 months and head back to London for quarantine to be with my ex. We broke up and I went to Colorado to spend time with my mom, moved to Miami, found an apartment and signed a lease after traveling for the past few years. Traveling a bit, ending a consulting job with one company, starting with a new one, working my butt off during from the start of covid because people need help with health more than ever. Suffice to say… I realized that while 2020 had been a hard year for us all, it had actually kept me quite busy.


The end of the year was NOTHING like I “expected” it to be. From starting the Giveback Cause, spending so much time/money/effort on it, planning for the launch of an exclusive group health coaching program, having a private client fly me to spend the the last few days of December to be with her… nothing went as “planned” and yet everything worked out EXACTLY as it was meant to.

Normally I do a full reflection at the end of the year, journaling on what went well, lessons learned, setting intentions for the new year. This time around… I did NONE of it. It felt weird to be in full vacation mode, but it ended up being exactly what was needed.

And so, I wanted to now share my lessons for a better 2021.

Wearing a suit from Revolve. Can’t find this exact one, but there are similar ones such as this Pique Loreta One Piece, Ruby One Piece, Andrea One Piece, For Keeps One Piece, Annalie One Piece.

Lessons For A Better 2021

  • Get clear on your wants, needs, desires, and intentions. 2020 was a year of deep reflection and now it’s time to put it out there of what you want to get out of this new year. Who do you want to be? What qualities do you want to show up with in your life? Write it out now so that you can work towards it over the year.
  • Let go of your expectations. If we learned anything, it’s that things don’t go as planned. Be okay with unexpected changes and know that there is a lesson in all things.
  • Prioritize YOU. This is the year that you deserve to feel amazing. This means doing things that nourish your mind, body, and soul. Don’t worry what other people say, think, or do. The  more you focus on yourself, the better you will be for those around you.
  • Do things that set your soul on fire. This can be big or small things; the main thing is to let go of things that don’t make you feel happy, fulfilled, grateful, or bring you immense joy. Life is short and we never know what the day will bring – so create a life that you love living.
  • Celebrate the small wins. If you’re not where you want to be in your life (weight wise, relationship wise, or anything else) work towards your goals but make sure you show yourself appreciation and acknowledgement for the small victories. These are what will lead you to the bigger results you want!


I hope these tips help you to have an amazing year. I’d love to know any additional lessons you learned in 2020 that you’d like to share! Drop a comment below.



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