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06 Oct 2015

Hello health-conscious friends!

As a treat for you all this week, I reached out to Lauren Singer from Trash Is For Tossers to talk about her blog and her trash-free life. For those of you who don’t know, Lauren has been getting a ton of press recently surrounding her trash-free lifestyle because she has not produced any trash in the last 3 years. On her blog, she does a ton of videos and blog posts to help others reduce waste every day. While I try to limit the amount of trash I produce, I’m definitely no saint in this regard, so I wanted to talk to Lauren for my own knowledge and for all of you, in case you ever feel guilt over producing too much trash. We’re all trying to live healthier lifestyles, but in doing so, we need to be conscious of the impact we have on the environment along the way.

Two Years of Trash

So for now, I’ll let Lauren explain more:

Where did you first learn how to start reducing trash and what are some of your favorite resources for learning more?

I first started living a Zero Waste lifestyle when I was still in college and it has been over three years now. I don’t have favorite resources for learning more, but I try to talk to a lot of my friends that are on the front line of these issues, the scientists, the activists. They really help me get informed.
Why is eliminating trash from your life important to you?
I was an environmental science major and have always cared about the environment. I learned all about impacts that human beings have had on it, and spent a lot of time researching and reading, but I realized that while I deeply cared for the environment, I wasn’t really doing anything in my life to live sustainably and so I decided to go Zero Waste.
What is the most difficult part of being trash-free? What kind of situations have you really had to get creative in?
Funny enough I had never had any problems with Zero Waste until I was at a college recently in San Diego and got kicked out of a bar for refusing to wear a plastic wristband. They could totally have stamps which would save them money and resources. No one ever said it would always be glamorous, but there are things that I won’t budge on, and that was one of them.
What is one piece of advice or one thing you would say to someone who is thinking about reducing waste but doesn’t know where to start
For anyone who is looking to begin living a life without trash I have a simple first step. Look in your garbage can, see what you have, and focus on how you can eliminate it. For me it was food packing and food waste and so I learned how to shop in bulk and compost. It’s a great first place to start!
Has eliminating trash helped you in other aspects of your life? 
It really has. I save money by doing things like shopping secondhand and buying my food package free. In addition I eat a lot better because my diet has shifted to one that is exclusively package free organic fruit and vegetables from the farmers market and bulk grains, legumes, and other package free items and away from packaged, processed food products.
How amazing is she?? I love her last answer about how eliminating trash has helped her live a healthier lifestyle. It is always amazing to me when people learn to be healthy in unique ways, like through eliminating trash. It makes perfect sense that processed foods are the foods that leave the worst impact on both your body AND the environment.
I hope you liked this blog post on how to live trash-free with Lauren Singer! If you want to learn more about Lauren and her Zero Waste lifestyle, check out her blog and her youtube channel. She is so inspiring and makes living a Zero Waste lifestyle seem so easy. I can’t wait to start incorporating some of her tricks into my own lifestyle!
Make sure to check out some of my trash-free recipes, like my Mason Jar Salad and Detox Waters. These recipes are a great place to start if you’re looking to take more of your food on-the-go in a sustainable way!
What are you planning on doing to reduce waste? Comment below or tell me on Facebook.

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