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15 Jun 2016

With Summer underway I have been getting SO many requests for weight-loss tips and quick fixes for that bikini body. You all know I am a big advocate for making health a lifestyle goal – not just a summer goal – but let’s be real…who doesn’t want to look and feel their best in their favorite bikini this summer??

My best summer advice? If you want to go for the quick (healthy) fixes that will make you feel sexy and confident now – do it! But don’t forget that making a lifestyle change can help you to maintain your results and not only look better, but feel better too. 

If you want to slim down, debloat, and tone-up for the ultimate, quick-fix to your bikini bod – I suggest picking up my book or app and hitting my 5-Day Real Food Detox hard. Remember that there is no healthy way to lose a TON of excess fat in just a couple of days. This detox is a healthy way to take the fast-track to the best body you can get by healthy means in just a few days. You will look and feel better than you can imagine in just 5 days.


Want to maintain results? I give a thorough meal plan in “The Aftertox” in my book, but there are some tips for a healthy lifestyle that can make a big difference as well. Follow my tips below to stay on track for long-term goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Do it for YOU. Changing your lifestyle is major and you need to be at the center of your motivation in order to have long-term success. Whether it’s for confidence, health, or happiness; find your own inner motivation.
  • Focus on little changes. Sometimes trying to makeover your whole lifestyle and daily habits at once can be too overwhelming. Try just trading one sugary drink or soda a day for a water. Or try swapping your unhealthy breakfast for a more filling and health-conscious one like my oatmeal recipe pictured below. Or maybe try taking the stairs instead of the elevator everyday. Even minor changes can add up over time and make the journey more manageable.


  • Make it enjoyable. Find a way to become more active that you actually ENJOY, not one that you just suffer through. Eat healthy foods that taste good, not bland foods that you will soon give up on.  You will have greater success if the journey isn’t a punishment, but one of love for your body and your health.
  • Set realistic goals. Progress takes time. Don’t set yourself up for failure with unrealistic goals. Progress is progress, no matter the pace. Set goals for yourself that you can actually reach and reward yourself with a non-food oriented reward (like a spa trip or new workout gear) when you reach each new goal.
  • Count colors not calories. The restrictions of counting calories can make living healthy such a chore! And it shouldn’t be. Fill your plate with a rainbow of beautiful, colorful foods from the earth and, guess what? You have yourself a gorgeous and nutritious meal.nikki-sharp-5-day-detoxnikki-sharp-5-day-detox

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, remember you are gorgeous inside and out, the way you are right now. Setting goals and working towards progress is fantastic, but don’t let your confidence be dependent on reaching a certain “standard”. Enjoy the journey and go out and enjoy your summer at every stage along the way!


Let me know how you keep focused on your fitness journey and comment below how you are enjoying your summer!



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