Lose Weight by Counting Colors

14 Jul 2015

Hello hello everyone!

This week’s post is all about what I’ve been talking about nonstop…counting colors! I’m here to show you all how you can lose weight by counting colors, because yes, it’s really that simple.  Plus I wanted to show this fruit smily I made, which SeaCat quickly destroyed.


The reason counting colors is such an effective method of losing weight is because all the colors are found in produce! Don’t believe me? Go to a grocery store and you’ll quickly realize that the most colorful section is the produce section. Packaged food companies put so much energy (and money) into making packaging colorful because our eyes are attracted to these colors. But don’t be fooled! Packaged food will never give you the nutrition that produce can give, even if you’re buying “low calorie” or “fat free”. It’s all lies.


Our bodies crave the vitamins and minerals that come from produce because our bodies need these nutrients to function. Even my cat has learned that fruits and veggies are far better for you than any normal cat food!

I’ve added a little picture below to give you the low down on what each of the colors do for your body, cells and health 🙂


So obviously eating colors is good for your health, but what does it have to do with losing weight?

My number one suggestion for someone trying to lose weight is to focus on getting as many colors in your day as possible.  I usually try for 3-5 colors in each meal. By counting colors, you are taking the pressure off of sticking to a certain caloric intake. Instead, you are filling yourself up with low-calorie, nutrient-dense produce.  Fruits and vegetables have a high water content and are high in fiber, so you’ll fill up quicker, and eat less throughout the day! Plus, if you are giving your body the nutrients it needs, your body will stop craving processed food.


Adding colors to your diet is not as difficult as it may sound. If 3-5 colors for each meal sounds intimidating, try adding just one or two and keep pushing yourself for more every day.  And don’t feel like you have to completely change your diet to do this. You can eat what you usually eat, just add color!

For example: if you normally eat scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast, add sautéed spinach, yellow zucchini and tomatoes to your scramble, or make a vegetable omelet with any vegetables you have around the house. Add a few more veggies to your sandwich at lunch, or make a salad with as many different colors as possible.


Try focusing on colors, not calories, and watch the pounds fall off! Need a little inspiration? Make a fun fruit platter and grab a handful on your way out the door every morning! But don’t forget to take a picture and tag me on Instagram first 🙂


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