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22 Nov 2017

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today is a VERY special post… one that I am pretty damn excited to share with you… and I think you’ll agree with me after reading this!

It’s not often that I come across a product or company that changes the way that I think and inspires me to be a better person. So when something like this comes across my lap, I get incredibly excited to share it with you- because I think you will benefit as much as I have!

Welcome to the #matchbackmovement

A movement of giving back and changing lives with the purchase of a single shirt. But it’s not just any shirt…

Let’s back up a bit though so I can share how this incredible organization came into my life.

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About a month ago I posted on my IG that I wanted to help share a company, organization, or product that would not normally be able to get the exposure to a community like mine. I asked that people tag, share, and talk about what amazing things they are up to and I would choose one to feature.

There were some pretty awesome things that got mentioned, but overwhelmingly kept getting tagged, talked about, and I received many direct messages saying I had to choose them. Now, in a world of over saturation on Instagram, tons of products, companies, and people trying to be Insta famous, this surprised me to have so many people mentioning them.


Once I took look at the company, I understood why. This is an organization that I can get behind full heartedly and with great respect to the creator, Aaron Podell, I can say that I am a firm supporter now and will help spread the message in any way. So I now get it. I get why they were tagged over and over again. And now I get to share the incredible story of Aaron, his mission and why YOU should care about this organization.

So WHY is MatchBack a company you need to know about?

Aaron, the founder of MatchBack created this company to literally put shirts on the backs of kids who can’t afford it. They partner with trending companies to develop exclusive shirt + hat bundles and each month send these out to youth in need. Now here’s the even cooler part: when you sign up, your account is matched to one of these youths and each month, you both are sent that limited-edition bundle. So not only do you get some pretty epic limited-edition pieces, you are giving back to a kid who doesn’t have the money to buy new clothes and lives off hand-me-downs.MatchBack

Alright, so that is all pretty damn cool I know. And already you are getting out your cards to sign up for this bundle as you read this. Now let me give you the kicker of why this company is so special in my eyes and why I am fully behind it in every way!


The reason Aaron started MatchBack is because he grew up being teased, made fun of and had a very hard time in school. All because he had a speech impediment and wasn’t “normal.” He was a target and bullied relentlessly. Yet, instead of letting this affect him and going into life feeling like a victim, he chose to give back! He chose to create a company that gave kids one less reason to be made fun while growing up.

Kids are bullied for just about every reason (I mean, I was called every name under the book if you can imagine!) and one of the leading reasons is because they can’t buy the new and cool clothes that everyone else is wearing. Because being labeled poor isn’t enough to feel bad; other kids have to go one step further and point it out that you don’t fit in. No more though! Now, MatchBack is making sure kids across the nation.

In the words of Aaron himself:

“Now, I understand that many of the kids MatchBack serves have a much more difficult lot in life than my own experience, and I realize that these shirts and hats can’t make neighborhoods safer or fix broken families. But, I know, firsthand, the power that a cool hat and a cool shirt can have. I know how the right clothes can be that extra card stacked in your favor—and sometimes it’s that Ace you need to get you through the day.

We all have our own story. I’ve written the next chapter in mine. It’s ambitious and a bit adventurous. Full of good deeds and grand dreams. My favorite part? A large cast of everyday heroes joining together to help MatchBack reach a million teens-in-need. Without a doubt, it’s the best chapter yet.”


It’s time to join the movement, starting with YOU!

We are in a time where it is VITALLY important to give back. With every crazy and horrific event that occurs, we must come together to make this world a better place. It is up to US, every single one of us, as individuals to do what we can to help others. When we change our own behavior and do things to give back, we affect those around us, who then affect those around them.


So I ask you, please give back and support this incredible organization that is helping those in need. It is the season of giving after all! With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up next month, I urge you reach deep into your hearts and support the cause of helping the kids of today live happier lives. Click HERE to purchase a MatchBack box. Use code SHARP to get free shipping on your first order!

I am so honored to be able to share this company with you and I truly hope that you love them as much as me! Please share this with friends, family, co-workers… anyone you think would like to also give back and lend a helping hand this season!

Tons of love,



Photo credits: Tamara Muth King & Kerri Reed

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  1. Aaron Podell says:

    Thank you for sharing !

  2. Sean says:

    Excellent job Aaron, keep up the good work….wish there were more like you!!!!

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