Mourning, Healing & A New You

16 Oct 2014

We’ve all been through it. A breakup. A lost friend. Getting fired. Moving to a new place. Realizing you owe more money than you thought. Losing a loved one. Or whatever else the wind blows to us. We all go through it. That’s life… going with the flow and learning to take it as it comes.

I’ve been going through a lot as I’ve mentioned a few blog posts ago. Moving from one country to another kicked my little bum. It was far harder than I though it would be, although my native country is the USA. I am trying to give it my all to get settled, buy furniture, and feel ‘at home.’ I’m trying to get on a routine, workout steadily, eat three meals a day and just feel happy within myself.

I’m trying to motivate myself. Give myself love. Show myself respect. Enjoy life. And make new friends. I’m also going through a time where I’m realizing that someone close to me didn’t value me. They made me feel bad about myself and I’m trying to come back from that. To prove that I’m a tough cookie. That I’m everything I think I am and want to be.

So what is the best way to do this? The best way to start loving yourself when it seems like everything has gone wrong?


Below are my personal tips that have worked for me in the past and I hope they work for you to get happy, start loving life, yourself and finding a new found sense of passion for everything.

  1. Do one nice thing for yourself everyday for one week. Whether this is lighting a candle before you go to bed, going for a run, calling a friend, or having an herbal tea when you wakeup instead of coffee. Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel wonderful. For me this is always a candle at night and having flowers in my house.
  2. When you feel like being negative to yourself, stop, breath and remember you would never talk to your mother, father or best friend like that. If you want to call yourself fat, ugly, unworthy or anything else we always say to ourselves, pause and say it out loud. Say it as if you are now saying this negative thought to your mother or best friend; directed to them. How would you feel if they overheard you? Treat yourself the same way if you thought they overheard you saying something bad about them. You will find you stop saying such negative things to yourself.
  3. Value your friends and family. When we are going through troubled times, it’s so easy to pull away and hide behind our walls. These are the times we need people most. I am finding that I am going out more than normal, but it’s helping me heal. To love where I’m living and to meet new amazing people. Don’t hide from the world when you are hurting. Lean on those who are there to comfort you!
  4. Don’t get caught up eating comfort food day after day. We all go there, a chocolate here, a (pint of) ice cream there, a few glasses of wine…you get the point. That’s fine and every now and then, but when it gets to a point where it’s making you feel worse than better, it’s time to get back on the healthy band wagon to clear your mind, body and flush all those negative emotions.
  5. Remember that all things will pass. Just like the seasons, everything changes. The world is not static, emotions are not static and that’s the beauty of life… when life throws you under the bridge and everything is bad, just know that it WILL get better. We all go through some pretty crappy times. Think back to the worst time in your life. Did you survive? I know it was probably hard at the time but you did survive, you are here reading this now and you will get through whatever it is that is holding you back now.

Peace, smoothies, and happy self-loving 🙂



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