My 7-Day Health Retreat Experience

14 Oct 2013

I’ve never been on a health retreat but have always wanted to go on one! I finally did one in July that was a 5 day juice-only cleanse and while it was very interesting, I did not walk away feeling any better. It personally left me feeling tired, weak, and desperate to eat food. I love my juices, but I think for one day max to just reset the body. It might have nourished my body with loads of nutrients, but my 5 days on this retreat did not make me feel any better than prior to going.

IMG_4006After that cleanse, I was looking for something new that wasn’t about starving yourself, but rather nourishing your mind, body and soul. I knew I found my perfect retreat when I saw it was done by Vicki Edgson, the UK’s leading nutritionist. Having decided to finally take the plunge and go for the week-long retreat in Ibiza, I got my plane ticket and at that point couldn’t wait. Vicki called to discuss everything I needed to know about the retreat and we talked about what I’d like to achieve out of going. One week to go… I was beyond excited!

So why did I choose to go on a health retreat? Well, for many reasons. This past summer pretty much kicked my butt. I have my own company and have been trying to get everything in order with the company, employees, my products, running my Instagram account and trying to always be available to my followers. It began taking it’s toll on me and I was no longer sleeping properly orIMG_3941 feeling rested. I was on my phone responding to Instagram questions until 12am at night, would then try and fall asleep, which didn’t happen because my brain was so stimulated from technology. I was tired the next day and wasn’t eating at set/routine times because my body was so out of whack. I know so many people feel this way and find it ‘normal’ to do so. Well, not me. I love feeling fresh, alert, and healthy. And I felt none of these! My skin was bad, I wasn’t enjoying work anymore, and I wasn’t sure what to do. So in a sense, this was my last resort, of sorts.

Cut to my first day of the retreat. I flew out on a Saturday afternoon along with loads of people going to Ibiza to do the whole party scene; whereas I was going there to reset my own body! Quite a difference. Once I arrived at an absolutely breathtaking house, Vicki warmly greeted me and I knew I’d love this week. Her energy is just beyond infectious and she just flows with knowledge.

IMG_3793Over the course of the week, we did yoga, meditation, had massages, swam in the gorgeous pool, went to the beach, saw the local markets, went to dinner, did beach fitness yoga, and shared some of the most amazing meals I’ve ever experienced. The whole retreats was about Vital Energy, something Vicki lives by. The food we eat can literally give us vital energy, or it can hinder you both mentally and physically. We ate a wholesome, mainly plant-based diet, sharing tips on cooking, products and had wonderful conversations about our lives.

While we all have our own issues in life, at the end of the day they can be pinned to a few simpleIMG_3790 things of needing to feel loved, comforted and safe. When we don’t have these, we make up for them in other ways, which is what I did over the summer. Being on this retreat really gave me time to relax, unwind, clear my mind, clear my body of toxins, enjoy being in nature, and truly value myself and those around me.

So would I recommend a health retreat? HELL YES! This was quite possibly one of the best experiences I have ever done. I took away so much from Vicki, the others on the retreat, from getting away from my job, and really listening to my body. It’s been two weeks since I went and I can happily say that I am sleeping better than I EVER have! I no longer take sleeping pills (have had issues sleeping for many years), I have not had a coffee in 2 weeks and don’t really crave them IMG_3689anymore, and I am finally taking time out for myself. This retreat allowed me to understand that while I give away so much of myself to others in my job, I need to make time for ME, which I was not doing. I have a cut off hour for when my phone goes off and I’m not allowed to check it until I wake up. I’m doing 10-15 minutes meditation a few times a week, and I am appreciating the food I put in my body and always ask myself prior to eating, “Does this nourish me?”

I highly recommend doing a health retreat and would like to give a few tips on how to find a good one:

  • Decide if you want to go local or travel abroad, another state, or outside your hometown
  • If you do decide to travel outside of where you live, figure out how much your max budget is, including flights
  • Figure out how long you would like to go for. They range from 2 days to 3 weeks
  • Call you local nutrition school and ask for recommendations. This is where I get many of my recommendations (from CNM and ION in London). Other great sources are organic stores, my favorite being Planet Organic in London as it has knowledgeable staff who have loads of recommendations on great things to do/places to see
  • If you have any friends who lead healthy lifestyles, ask them. Most people love sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  • Post a question on Yahoo! answers, ask on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or just do some old school researching on your own
  • Decide to go alone or with friends/family (I personally recommend going alone because it allows you to open up more than if you go with someone who you feel may judge you)
  • Once you have booked into one, make it a priority to turn off your cell phone and laptop as much as possible. The point is to take some time out FOR YOU and you can only do this if you are truly willing to let go of ‘the world’ that we live in today

I hope that everyone reading this realizes that we don’t always need to go through life alone and in fact, it’s an amazing thing to open up and admit you need help. When you do this, you will realize that there are so many people that want to share their experiences, knowledge and help you feel better.



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