My Obsession: Green Things

25 Jun 2013

Green foods. They’re pretty scary right?

I know growing up I wasn’t a huge fan of anything other than artichokes and my mother’s cucumber salad. Then I started adding peas onto my salad (that of course was drenched in ranch, making it terribly healthy. HA!). Slowly I began eating more and more green things and now I can geniunely say my life wouldn’t be complete with all these amazing green foods.

Point of the story: there’s hope for you too if you’re a picky eater or refuse anything green!

So why do I love all things green now?

  • LOW IN CALORIES. Not that I count calories, but it’s an awesome thing to know that I can eat to my heart’s content and never have to worry about how many calories I am having in a day. It’s a completely freeing feeling! Many of these green veg have a very high water content, which means lower in calories and they will be very hydrating. One cup of broccoli has 31 calories and 1.7 grams of sugar. That’s nothing! Now  one cup of a chopped apple has 65 calories and 13 grams of sugar.
  • WON’T SPIKE GLUCOSE (SUGAR) LEVELS. Do you ever wonder why you get all this energy right after breakfast then by 10am you have crashed and feel pretty bad? This is because your glucose levels have spiked from the food (containing too much sugar!) and coffee then dropped dramatically. That is why it’s more beneficial to your body to start your day with a green smoothie. If this is still a foreign concept to you then limiting your fruit intake to one cup of low GI fruits will be preferable (meaning that it’s easier for your body to digest and your glucose levels will be less likely to have that dramatic rise and fall).
  • NOURISHING SUPERFOODS. All things green contain extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are all essential to having a healthy body. Various green vegetables will differ slightly but most contain good amounts of vitamins A, C and E, iron and zinc. All of these are what keep your eyes sharp, skin clear, good hair and nails, give you energy, and helps improve your immune system.
  • KEEP YOU FULL AND BODY REGULAR. Green veg is a terrific source of insoluble fiber, meaning it adds bulk to your diet and has a laxative effect, which will help to clear your body of waste. Because insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water it passes through your body, hence why when you eat a lot of broccoli you might use the toilet a bit more. If you have constipation, I highly, highly recommend chug-a-lugging your water and increasing your green veggies.
  • VARIETY OF USES. Fresh mint (pictured) is absolutely wonderful to sooth a bad tummy, it also gives you energy as well as can be a fantastic flavor agent to any meal or smoothie. I recommend boiling water and adding a few fresh leaves. Other green things, such as limes, as wonderfully high in vitamin C, which helps protect cells to keep you healthy. I use lime juice in everything: smoothies, salad dressings, stir fries, in water to jazz it up.
  • SMOOTHIES VS JUICES. Both are absolutely amazing, however they are very different. Juicing is ideal out of the two because you will get those amazing vitamins, minerals and nutrients immediately as it’s absorbed into the blood stream quicker than a smoothie, as your body is left to digest the fiber. I love them both though and either way, recommend doing 3 parts vegetables to 1 part fruit.

So as you can see, I think green veggies are amazing for your body and you should be eating them at every meal! One of my favorite things to do with frozen broccoli and spinach is to create my green smoothie (video here).



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