New York City – Pandemic Impressions

27 Oct 2021

Hello my loves,

As I sit on a plane leaving NYC I thought, what better time than to write about my recent experience in the big apple. I have so many thoughts to share, things I want to recommend, and want to give as much detail as possible. At the same time, I understand the day and age we live in and that Instagram is censoring things, people who disagree with you will try to get you cancelled, and if you put one wrong thing into the ether, something bad may happen.

The reason I share that is that for the first time ever in my career, I realize that I need to be careful with my words. (Not because of how I say them, but based on how others will take them). But I will still try and give you a full review.




The city is always busy. It’s part of what makes it sexy.

However, maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s everyone else (although it’s probably ME because I can only take responsibility for my life)…. it felt overwhelming. It felt like traffic was worse, there was more consutrction than usual, people were honking more, and overall just intensity in the driving.


But then again, maybe its me. Maybe it’s all just that I haven’t been around this for so long that it was a jolt to my nervous system. I mean, I can definitrely say it was far worse than July when I was in the city. Summer was not as hectic as it feels now.

The grind of it all caused me to go into my masculine, which is ironic as it’s the side of me I’ve been actively working on to not be in control. But then again, it’s no wonder that I have many private clients from the New York area who are trying to get more into their feminine. There’s something about this area that pushes women into their masculine….

And yes, I could, and probably SHOULD write a whole blog post about this.



This list is not my *new York recommendations* list, this is ONLY from this last time I was there.

Public rooftop – now I have to preface this: I had a TERRIBLE experience with them as a hotel and honestly will tell you, do not stay at the Bowery location (I can’t speak for other locations). But yea, wow. I don’t often share things like this, but I have to because I cannot believe I’m recommending anything about them. BUT their rooftop is pretty spectacular to view the city for drinks. It’s very hipster vibes and casual.

Pi Greek Bakery – I’ve been here a few times now and 100% recommend it for a coffee, some yummy food (they have a little counter you choose foods from and wow, are they all insanely delish), including their desserts. Yes, save room for the dessert. This is a must-try.

Sixty Soho (Bistrot Leo)– I didn’t try here but there was a live band on Saturday as I walked by with a buzzy atmosphere. For vibes alone I’d choose this place!

Ladurere – you know this place because of the delicious macaroons they make. But on the back street of the store, they have a gorgeous restaurant outside in a courtyard. I didn’t eat here, but again the vibes seemed pretty worth it.

Le Pavillion – snazzy 3 course meal with an incredible interior that’s filled with trees. The food is insane good (like wow!) but definitely be prepared for an expensive bill. It was one of my favorite places as I got to get super dressy.

Divya – this is an Ayurvedic restaurant that has food according to your dosha. The food is all freshly prepared each day and my goodness is this quite possibly one of my favorite healthy joints. You can order via uber eats, but I definitely recommend going in for the full experience.

Pressed – you’ve probably heard of this one as it’s a juice place. But of all of the ones I’ve tried it’s my favorite. They give you the widest range/option of juices and what I love is it’s no frills. They are typically a tiny shop or in the wall and provide a juice. You’re not paying extra for their retail space, if that makes sense.


Generation Juice – I don’t really love their juices but Trust Me, the kale chips are worth the visit. Yes please and thank you, and I’ll take a years supply.

Other mentions of places I love:

  • Beyond Sushi – vegan sushi, need I say more?
  • Matchaful – for a delicious plant based matcha latte; they have loads of incredible flavors too
  • Mercer Kitchen – it’s always a poppin’ place and one that I enjoy getting dressed up for

We stayed at Soho Grand and I will say their backroom (bar) is worth hitting up. Very vibey and quite fun!





Without out question the biggest thing you all wanted to know was about the mandates, the passport and what was happening in regard to going out. Here’s what I experienced:

  • masks are not actually required. Yes, there are signs out front many places but the majority of staff in shops were not wearing theirs. I would always look to see if someone was wearing theirs and if not, I would not put mine on. There was only ONE shop in all of seven days that I was asked to put one on.
  • in taxi and ubers masks did not seem to be required. The app on uber/lyft says you must but when I would ask the drivers not one said I needed to put it on. I’m very respectful and will always ask and ultimately, it’s up to the person who is driving you, which I respect.
  • every restaurant you SIT in, you must show proof of your vaccination. Here’s the funny thing (to me), that you can go in without a mask and order your food, but don’t need to show proof. But if you sit down, you must. What a clever virus we are dealing with (I jest).
  • people checking your card don’t want to. Trust me. (Or maybe those of you who work in the industry, please tell me if you like checking?) But what I noticed was that people check your card and let you in. It’s mandated, it’s not like the 21 year old hostess is trying to be rude, she is literally just doing her job.
  • bars and experience based things, such as an opera (sitting), or an observatory, you must show a card. Ironically going into a fashion store you don’t need to, nor did most care if you had a mask or not. I found this incredibly inconsisnte but I also understand that everyone is just following the random AF rules being placed on their businesses.



Honestly, it’s mixed. In one sense I was so happy to be back, warm weather, having things be “normal” and everyone enjoying themselves – you know, the typical NYC go-getter vibes. And in another sense, as I sit on the plane right now, I realize that my adrenal system took a beating and a half. The busyness of the city, the constant noise, the traffic, the construction, the honking – it’s something that I believe we all took such a much needed break from during the pandemic and going back into it, I honestly thing it’s going to cause a lot of people to get sick, even quicker. We all had this beautiful break of the craziness of life, and then to jump back into it is not good for the body, the nervous system, the mind.

I found myself drinking more alcohol then normal. I do believe this was because I was looking for a numbing from the insanity that was the city – a way to relax. Because even in my hotel, the beautiful Soho Grand, it was still loud AF. I don’t feel I ever had a moment of peace. Not only that but the day I left (earlier today), apparently a man tried to stab some people in Bowery, police came and someone was shot…. long story short. There were sirens, and helicopters, and news cameras (and I was just trying to go to wholefoods to get a salad for the plane and experienced the later end of this). It shut down much of that area and traffic was terrible.

But then again, going to JFK I saw 3 accidents. People seem to be busier, more aggressive, and more in a hurry to get wherever they need to go. I actually didn’t take the subway once this time around. It seems like the pandemic has caused already overly-busy people to try to make up for the “lost” time. I honestly cannot realily explain it much better than that.

I’ve been in this city many, many times. I have lived here. I’ve stayed for short periods and month long periods. And this trip – there was something different. An urency I’ve never experienced. There were times I felt I was back in Bangkok with how insane the traffic was.

So as I sit here on this plane ride, I feel it will take me a few days to decompress. To drop out of my sympathetic nervous system, or the fight or flight, into the para sympatheic, or rest and digest.


I love New York. I always will. And I wont stop going. I’m not shocked at how the city took to mandates, but I AM a bit surprised at how fluid the city feels. It genuinely feels like people want to get on with their lives – not be known for being the strict place.

Anyways, these are just MY personal thougths as I sit here on the plane. I realize that every signel person has a didferent thought, view point, and belief, and that’s beautiful. I honor you no matter what you think. Please just remember I’m sharing my experience, which is exactly that – MINE.











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