Staying at Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

11 Nov 2016

Many people told me that I would absolutely love Costa Rica since I’m such a huge fan of Bali. What I was not told though, is that Nicaragua would become a close second to Bali and one of my new favorite countries.

Traveling into the heart of Nica, you don’t necessarily expect to see smiles on every single person’s face. It is a country where people are friendly as tourism is beginning to boom and the locals are eager to accommodate. This began upon my arrival at Managua airport and continued the entire time I was in this beautiful cultural country.

I recently had the incredible opportunity to check out Mukul, Nicaragua’s only five star hotel, and let me tell you, it is most definitely one hell of a five star resort. Untouchable is one thing it is not, though.

Often, 5-star hotels can seem almost over-the-top, in an almost cold way. For myself, I love the balance of a beautiful luxurious place mixed with service that doesn’t make you feel like they are spoon-feeding you. Mukul was the perfect mix of lux and feeling like you’re at your favorite grandma’s house that takes care of you the moment you walk in.

mukul-nikki-sharpMy experience in Mukul, along with my wonderful friends who either own their own travel companies or sell luxury trips to clients, started with a full tour of the hotel, which included some of the most Insta-worthy bathrooms that are sure to blow away any bubble bath-loving woman, infinity pools that overlook the beach, and a spa that will make you want to move in.

The spa deserves it’s own mention, as it’s based on experiences, rather than your typical treatments. Broken into six different rooms, each one has a different theme, and treatments that are offered there. Step into the Crystal temple and you will find sound bowls, an infinity pool, and a crystal chandelier that delivers powerful energy. Or try experiencing Watsu in the Secret Garden. It truly is one of the most unique and interesting spa experiences I’ve had. I chose to do an Ayurvedic treatment that had a mix of massage, oil being dripped on my head, and a scalp massage in a room that screamed relaxation. nicaragua-nikki-sharp

This place had already won me over with the various spa rooms, so by the time we had dinner just off the beach, while watching the sunset; I had decided I wasn’t going to leave.

The next few days consisted of yoga in one of the best yoga shalas I’ve ever practiced in as it was high on the mountain side and you could only get to it by hiking up. The views of the bay, paired with the wind, and sound bowls being played as you move into downward dog is an experience I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Yoga was also moved on the beach, where we listened to the waves and smelled the salt in the air in savasana.


We headed into Granada, a city that is full of culture, colorful walls, and friendly people. Eating and drinking local food and beer, our group took a tour of the city, which is a place I highly recommend going. The 90-minute drive is absolutely worth it.


Our meals ranged from eating at the presidential suite, to sitting on the beach with a live band playing, to have rum tasting of the local rum, Flor de Cana. When ordering off the wellness menu, my biggest recommendation is the homemade guacamole and chips, which are made from plantains. A virgin dragon fruit and ginger mocktail is the perfect accompaniment to your breakfast as you overlook the ocean, just as your dinner paired with a glass of wine during sunset will make you relax into the night.

Sitting on the private beach, we found ourselves enjoying sitting in the waves having girl talk, then being transported to the beach club where we ate a delicious lunch then got surf lessons. This is something that shouldn’t be missed, especially if you’ve never surfed before as the waves are easy to learn on and the weather is incredibly warm.


Overall review: although the price might be a bit steep for some, it is absolutely worth saving up to come here. Mukul is getting into the wellness field more and more, with their state of the art gym, to surf lessons, and yoga and paired with a wellness menu it’s a great place to land. All of the staff are incredibly kind, helping you with anything you might need, all while making you feel like you’re in their own home, which really, you are. The hotel is owned by an older couple that can be seen on the property quite often, laughing and smiling with the guests (an opportunity that we got to experience).

A little side note, one incredibly amazing opportunity that I got to experience was taking a helicopter to Managua airport and flying over an active volcano. Now, I realize this isn’t an everyday sort of thing, but I do recommend trying to set it up with Mukul as it will pretty much blow your mind!



nicaragua-nikki-sharp nicaragua-nikki-sharp

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