I Tried Past Life Regression + Answering All Your Questions

09 Jul 2020

Hello my loves,

I cannot even begin to share my excitement about today’s blog post. I’m going to give you a heads up that there won’t be many photos here, but that is because it’s a Q&A that is going to ROCK.YOUR.SOCKS. So as many of you know, in February I did a Past Life Regression session. Now, if you don’t know what this is, you will and trust me, you’re going to want one. It’s truly been one of the most interesting, healing and deeper connection to myself than any other mode of self-help I’ve done. Therapy doesn’t even come close.

If you are interested in doing a session with Rob (which I highly recommend), you can receive $25 off. To get the discount: when you book write in the PayPal comments box that they heard about the session via Nikki Sharp. Rob will refund you the money after you book.

So what IS a past life regression session?

It is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. There are different hypnosis techniques (like slow breathing, count downs) where your guide will help you to return into a different life in search of pieces of information that can help in your present life. You may encounter beautiful experiences and sometimes painful ones, however you are prompted by your practitioner to take away the meanings of these.

I personally got into this when I read the book, Many Lives, Many Masters and then dove even deeper, finding Rob Schwartz and getting immersed in Your Soul’s Plan, then Your Soul’s Gift. They absolutely rocked my world, helping me to dive deeper into why we are here on this planet, the purpose of our life, dealing with trauma, and so on.

And that’s when I decided to book Rob for a session. I’ll go into another post on what happened because giving it only a paragraph wouldn’t do. What I will tell you here though, is that it was INCREDIBLE.

I’m not familiar with other practitioners and how they do it, but one of Rob’s specialties was that he took me to my Council of Elders and I was able to learn so, so much about some people in my life, including why I’ve faced certain traumas.

I’ve incited Rob to do a Q&A so that you can learn more about it and see if learning about your soul is something that you’d be interested in doing.

So without further ado, here are some of your (and my) biggest questions about Past Life Regression with Rob Schwartz. If you are ready to dive deeper, you can also get access to my personal session with Rob (scroll to bottom to learn more).

Q&A with Rob Schwartz on Past Life Regression

Why should someone do a Between Lives Soul Regression?

The experience pulls people out of victim consciousness and shows them that they are the powerful creators of their experience. It helps people see the deeper spiritual meaning and purpose of challenges that otherwise appear to be meaningless suffering. People often find much more joy and peace in their lives after a BLSR. Also, the pure unconditional love of the Council reminds people of what “Home” is like. Lastly, the Council will often bring in loved ones to talk with the client. People talk directly with their “deceased” parents, children, romantic partner, and others. That is profoundly healing.

What do you say to people who are skeptics of between lives regression?

In my workshops we do a group between lives regression. Contained within that larger regression is a past life regression. On multiple occasions two people who attended the workshop together went back to exactly the same past life. They saw the same people, home, furnishings, grounds around the home, historical time period, etc…. Everything they saw was identical. To me that establishes the validity of the process.

Can you be something not human? Could you have been a woman in past life if you are a man in this life?

Yes and yes. The soul is androgynous in nature. Every soul has numerous lives as a male and as a female. On occasion a soul that’s been incarnate as a human will choose to incarnate as an animal, although this is unusual.

Am I a product of past lives and the experiences or they are trash?

Everyone is a product of past lives. But understand that means past lives not just on Earth, but also on other planets. You are also a product of all the nonphysical lifetimes you’ve had.

What’s the process to get someone into the deep state needed to go into the trance?

In a Between Lives Soul Regression, we start by going through some physical and then mental relaxation steps. That’s followed by some guided imagery and hypnotic suggestions that deepen the trance state. Then I guide the client into a past life. It’s usually one that had a major impact on the plan for the current lifetime or that is shown to the client for instructive purposes (e.g., you did this in a past life, so you are capable of doing it again in your current lifetime). At the end of the past life, the client crosses over to the other side. Most people are greeted by one of their spirit guides. They talk to the guide about the meaning of the past life. The guide then takes them to the Council of Elders, the wise, loving, and highly evolved beings who oversee reincarnation on Earth. The Council knows everything about the client, including everything about the plan for the current lifetime. The Council can tell the client what they planned and why, how they’re doing in terms of fulfilling the plan, and how they can better fulfill the plan. Many people come out of a Between Lives Soul Regression saying, “I have no more questions about my life.” People also comment on the great unconditional love and total non-judgment of the Council.

If I learned a certain skill in a past life does that same skill transfer to the new one? (not a learned skill, more an inherent one)

Only if it’s part of the plan for the current lifetime. If it isn’t part of the plan, you could access the skill, but doing so might take some work.

Will a successful person in a past life have the same success in the current one?

Not necessarily. There are too many factors involved to generalize. Also, keep in mind that the definition of “success” can vary from lifetime to lifetime.

If you left something ‘off’ in a past life do you continue in your current life?

Only if you’ve planned to do so.

In this life, I’m a Muslim but I cannot enter a mosque (I don’t know how to explain it… I just CANNOT), but if you put me in a church at 9am at the morning, you can pick me up at 9pm. WHY?

This is almost certainly “residue” from past lives. You’ve probably had at least several lifetimes in which you enjoyed or were at least comfortable in church-related activities. You’ve probably also had at least one past life in which something traumatic happened in a mosque. By the way, if someone experiences in a regression the past life origin of a current life issue, a process known as abreaction often occurs, meaning there is partial or sometimes complete healing of the issue in the present life. No one knows exactly how abreaction works, but it’s a well documented phenomenon.

Would you say this more beneficial then say mushrooms or ayahuasca?

I have no personal experience with psychedelics with which to form an opinion. From what I’ve heard, psychedelics can create profound spiritual experiences, but some people do have “bad trips.”

Can anyone go into their past lives?

Yes. The key to the process is to relax deeply, which is why the hypnotic induction in a Between Lives Soul Regression is so long. The length gives the client more time to relax. [note from Nikki: the session was 3 hours!]

Are multiple sessions better or a single is enough?

For most people a Between Lives Soul Regression is so profound that another session isn’t needed unless there have been major changes in the client’s life.

How can you tell the difference between someone legitimate versus those who claim to be healers? Do you go to school for this?

I did train extensively to do this work. I suggest people ask for and then trust in their guidance. There’s often a feeling of intuitive rightness when you come across the right person to work with.

Are you completely unconscious during the session? Do you remember anything after?

I always tell clients that there consciousness will be in two places at once. Part of their consciousness has the experience; another part stays present in their physical body. So at all times the client is aware of where they are and what they are doing. People do remember the experience quite well, though I suggest they journal about the experience while it’s fresh in their minds. And I record the sessions and send the recording to the client.

Are we paying for the bad we did in our past lives in this life?

No. When “bad” things happen, it’s never as a punishment for things we did in past lives. No one punishes us, nor do we punish ourselves. We do, however, often choose to experience how we caused others to feel in past lives. But this is seen as a learning opportunity, not as a punishment.

What is the most far back (year /date) you’ve had someone remember during a session?

Occasionally someone will go to prehistoric times in the past life part of a BLSR, but that is unusual.

I’ve personally done an incredible session with you but found that when I came ‘out’ of our session, my mind was fighting with some of the answers I received. How does one deal with this battle between the human mind and the deeper spiritual answers received?

By understanding that the human brain is a third-dimensional bio-computer. Because it’s third-dimensional and is accustomed to receiving input only from the five senses, it has no framework for fully understanding an interdimensional experience. But the heart does understand. Trust what your heart tells you.

Questions from Nikki to Rob:

I’ve also experienced having another entitity/soul coming into my body (the most bizarre and painful experience of my life). Can you explain how this happens?
I’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but there are times when a discarnate entity will attach itself to the energy field of a person, usually in an attempt to siphon off energy and/or have a certain experience vicariously through the person.
If I’m claircognizant, does this mean I can also help people go into a deep trance and into past life?
Claircognizant means “clear knowing.” It refers to people who have accurate knowings of things that they should not know and could not know through input from their five senses. I don’t think there’s necessarily any connection between being claircognizant and helping people go into trance.

Question from a follower, to Nikki:

Did it work for you? What’s holding you back in this life that happened in previous?
It worked tremendously well. One thing I found was that after the session was done, it was almost a fight between my human mind (conscious) and fighting with things I learned about. It took me about a week to really understand everything. Once I accepted it, my life began to shift and I was able to make decisions on certain topics that were discussed much easier. It wasn’t so much that there were things holding me back now, but I did learn that the relationships I’ve had the most tension with currently all had VERY clear answers and so I was able to let go of any anger I held. Everything transformed into love for myself and those around me.
I hope that you enjoyed this Q&A with Rob (and a small bit with myself). I can tell you that this was PROFOUND and I can’t wait to go back and do another session.
After doing this, Rob and I spoke about releasing my audio session to you. This is quite vulnerable for me to do, but you will get to hear first hand what happens, how he guides you into a deep hypnosis, and what conversations I had with my Council of Elders (and their bizarre names!). I encourage you to listen to it if you have ever wanted to know or if you need some more insight before booking a session.
Just add your email to the form below and you will be sent the audio. Trust me, you’ll want to listen to it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about Past Life Regression and hearing this Q&A with Rob.
If you have any questions for me or Rob, drop them below.
Tons of love,

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  1. So many subtle fears can fall away after doing a past life regression. We begin to wake up to our “more permanent identity” as an eternal, indestructible soul being, based in love, and that we’re using our body for specific purposes or challenges that involve our own growth and evolution. I’ve guided about 4,000 past life regression sessions, and they are always beneficial….although they can vary between profoundly life changing and somewhat helpful depending on the individual.

  2. Salena M Martin says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and being so open. I’m looking forward to listening, perhaps schedule a session! Is there more info on how to do that?

  3. Crystal Garcia says:

    Is there a certain age you recommend to experience a past life regression session? Also for the hypnosis, do you recommend practicing deep meditation on your own before going to ensure and help the process?

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