Quantum Healing With Dean

26 May 2015

L1050888 copyHaving had no idea what this would entail, I went in ready to see the light, feel the healing and open up. There’s something very beautiful about doing treatments when you have no idea what it is, yet also a bit nerve-racking because you don’t know the practitioner or what to expect. With that, I was excited anyways, because I’m in Ubud, a place where magical healings happen, the energy is abundantly flowing, and many-a-people come to learn about who they are. We entered the treatment room and sat across from each other, with glasses of water, tissue and a candle by us. I guess I would be crying then.

Our session began with Dean telling me about the treatment and that it is all about small changes in our perception of thought, typically from when we were young. It relies on the power and capacity of our own mind to heal our selves of ailments through a shift of our awareness to events in our life. As Deepak Chopra put it, “quantum healing involves a shift in the fields of energy information, so as to bring about a correction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness, mind, to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness, body.” Dean mentioned that everything in the world is balanced and has a positive and negative, a yin and yang. The Earth has land and water, we experience happiness and sadness; with strength comes weakness. There is balance in all things, so through the quantum healing, we are guided to see both the positive and negatives from events in life that help to change our perception and how it’s affected us.

Not fully understanding this as he spoke, I listened and was ready to get started.

Dean started asking what happened when I was around the age of 6. How I got along with my parents, and various things to get to know me. He pinpointed immediately what was causing me pain in regards to my childhood, my parents and myself. Within the first few minutes I was already crying. Automatically I was hesitant to open up because it can be scary to share your inner self with someone you don’t know; yet I knew that he was there to guide and help me, help myself. Dean went on to get to the root issue and he began asking questions and getting me to answer in ways that I knew the answers deep down, but have forgotten over years of life and the perceptions of my world as it is today, that have been shaped by certain events.

Halfway through, he sat there holding my hands, tears coming out of his eyes matching mine. I really could sense that he was there, in it with me. He felt both my pain and happiness in what I was discussing. I further opened up and with his questions and my answers, I was able to see the events in a whole new light. The beauty of what we discussed and the questions he asked, was that it took this event and rather than me seeing it in solely negative way and how it’s shaped the way I am, we were able to almost re-write everything and my thoughts around it.

I walked away with a feeling of the utmost happiness, feeling content with myself and for the first time ever, true love for me, Nikki Sharp.

Loving ourselves is quite possibly one of the hardest things we will ever do in our lifetime. We go through so many events in our life that shapes the way we think, act, and react to everything around us. By doing this quantum healing, you are able to literally reprogram the way you see an event, one that most likely has caused you pain, and really understand both the good and bad that’s come out of it. When you know both of these, you stop looking at yourself like a victim of life, or that you will be doomed in business or relationships. Instead, you start seeing how the event helped make you stronger, more compassionate, and love yourself.

Overall, this is probably one of the most interesting and life-changing treatments I’ve ever done and I’m beyond grateful that I got to experience this! I can truly say that I think everyone should try a session like this, especially if you are in Bali- go see Dean. He’s truly incredible.

{On a side note, as I type this up a day later, I am realizing how much this session changed my perception, as I no longer have anger or sadness towards the events we discussed, rather it’s made me realize everything in a whole new, beautiful light.}L1050889 copy

Some Q & A’s with Dean:

1. From your life, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give?

Ask for help! It doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone in particular … if you ask the youniverse (your higher self) and be prepared to listen it will always send just what you need.

2. What’s been the most profound experience of your life?

I have two: 1. Being a junkie and alcoholic then turning it around and becoming an addiction counsellor and going on to develop my own online addiction program. 2. The birth of my second daughter … I actually got her out – turned her and caught her. It was THE MOST present I have ever been! It was like I was aware of everything around us. I could see the whole room even though I was just looking at my newborn daughter with tears streaming down my face. Epic!

3. What is the greatest thing someone has ever done for you?

My ex-partner forgiving me time and time again even though I broke her heart – and then I had to leave her … hardest thing I ever had to do.

With Love, N


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  1. Wendy says:

    Where do we find Dean?
    I would be interested in a healing session or doing his online course

    Many thanks,


  2. Holly Cootes says:

    I’m going to Bali at the end of the year, I love Alchemy and I’m so exciting to hear they now have a holistic healing centre!!!! I’m definitely going to make a trip up there! Thanks for sharing Nikki, xxx

  3. David Ryall says:

    Dean is so awesome, highly recommend him to anyone wanting to have a shift in their life!

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