Paleo Granola & Popsicles


Paleo granola and popsicles… find out my thoughts on some products I tried!

I’m a sucker for granola. It’s a super random thing that I’ve never really mentioned on the blog, mainly because I actually tend to not buy it purely for the reason that I Looove the crunchiness and end up eating the whole bag. Seriously. Now, if you know anything about granola, it typically is not that good for you and can be loaded with sugar and other random ingredients.


So, when I found out about this paleo based granola, I knew I needed to try it. Paleo Passion Foods has a grainless granola, which I really like because it’s free from refined sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, is grainless and gluten free and high in Omega 3’s. In general I promote more of a plant based lifestyle, however I do like the paleo ways because they cut out a lot of the sh*t that vegan products don’t. (Really, don’t get me started on how people think that just because it’s vegan means it’s healthy…!)

paleo-granola-nikki-sharpThey have three different flavors, maple cinnamon, coconut, and chocolate and I can say they are all equally amazing. My personal favorite was the coconut because I’m a tad obsessed with coconut in general (so much so, that I ate all the coconut popsicles before I could even photograph them…oops!).

I ended really enjoying make bowls of granola with almond milk topped with berries, and while I realize granola is not necessarily meant to be eaten like cereal, I couldn’t help it. I also found that I nibbled out of the bag often because they were just so darn tasty!  I would absolutely recommend topping off a smoothie with it, for that extra crunch as well- that is if you don’t eat it all in one sitting first.


Now, just a small side note: like a lot of things that are deemed “healthy,” you might be a little surprised at the texture of this because there are no oats, which normally is the dominant ingredient. It’s not as crunchy, but that being said the granola is still really good (and actually good for you, yay!).

Next, it was time to try a paleo version of a popsicle, which I must say are really tasty. In terms of favorites, I mentioned above that the coconut was my go-to, but that’s because I’m coconut obsessed (coconut popsicles, coconut lattes, dried coconut…you get my drift) because it was a bit thicker and creamier. My second favorite was the apple crisp, which has apple, sweet potato and cinnamon, a random combo but it’s really light and fresh. And then my other favorites were strawberry passion and pineapple ginger. It’s actually really hard to decide if any are better or worse because they are all very flavorful and clean tasting.


What I love about the popsicles (and well, the granola too!) is that they have simple ingredients you can pronounce and nothing complicated. Take the pineapple ginger for example, the ingredients list is: filtered water, pineapple juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, pear puree, ginger juice, chia seeds and guar gum. Simple, delicious, and no additives. There’s no dairy, no added sugar, and bonus- it’s both paleo AND vegan. Woohoo!


Now that you’ve heard my thoughts on the popsicles and granola, I’m pretty sure you’re stoked to go try them out right?! Well, GOOD- as you should be! So, now I’m about to make your day even better by telling you it’s free shipping ANNNND 15% off your order – if you use code ‘Nikki15‘. Happy eating!!!

I absolutely love trying new products to see what’s hot and what’s not on the market and I can definitely say these all get a thumbs up from me!

If there’s anything you’d like me to try, feel free to email me at info@localhost.

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