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26 Apr 2021

Hello my loves,

I have just come back from an incredible “staycation” with my boyfriend where we took some time to reconnect with one another after life just got very busy. It was such a blissful weekend filled with quality time, words of affirmation, and fun.

I’m sharing this because this is one of the topics that I teach about in my Relationship Course, which starts May 10.

My question to you is: have you lost the passion with your partner? 

Often times we enter a relationship with chemistry and years later it goes away, leaving us feeling unfulfilled. Or, you may have never felt intimate chemistry (I’m not just talking about physical, rather the mental and emotional types!) with a partner.

Whichever situation you’re in, I’ll teach you how to spark the fire and connect deeply with your partner, leading to incredible intimacy that you’ve only dreamed of.

In my Relationship Course we go over topics such as:

  • Why you sabotage in relationships and how to fix it
  • Putting an end to bad fights & learning how to deeply communicate
  • Polarity and how the loss of it makes you lose passion
  • Manifesting your soulmate if you’re single
  • Rekindling the passion between you and your partner; I.E. falling back in love
  • Setting boundaries and how to stop being a people pleaser
  • And much, much more!

Spots are limited for this course and are filling up fast. It’s also the last time I will be doing it in person where you’ll have access to working directly with me for a fraction of the price.


I also wanted to take a moment and answer some frequently asked questions:

If you’re in a relationship is this still good for you? ABSOLUTELY! All beautiful relationships start with you. That is the basis of this course and you will learn how to reignite the passion with your partner and how to show up as the best version of yourself to enhance the relationship. The majority of group members from the last program were married and they had astounding breakthroughs within their relationships.

Is this only about finding a soulmate? NO! What days/times are the calls? Monday’s rotating between 6pm est and 12pm est. This is to welcome people in all areas and time zones + work schedules.If I cannot make the calls live will they be recorded? Yes! I realize that life happens and we all live in different areas. The only thing I recommend is to make sure you finish the call each week before we move on as each session builds on the previous.

Is this for a certain age group? Nope 🙂 The last round had everyone from early 20’s in a relationship to 50+ both male and female, single and married and everything in between. No matter what your status is now or your goal, you will benefit from the teachings of this course.

What is included with the program? You get 6 calls with me (once a week), 2 bonus calls that will blow your mind, a private Facebook group that helps you dive deep into the HW each week and connect with others, weekly session notes + HW written by me, and resources to further your journey. The value of this course is WELL over $6,000 due to the content you’re receiving, daily time with me via the calls and Facebook group, bonus sessions, and everything else. You will literally not find this anywhere else of value for money.

What is different about this to other programs? I’ve studied with many different relationship experts throughout the years and none of them have put together a program like this. I found everyone to be very niche which made the courses miss big parts of relationships. This is so different as we go over all different aspects that hold you back from being in the best relationships possible. We will work on / heal your intimacy with a partner, increase attraction, deal with toxic people, you’ll learn how to set boundaries, and so much more. There is no other course that is this comprehensive where you get a 6-month transformation in 6 weeks. And, you get coaching sessions with me where I constantly over deliver to make sure you’re getting the most out of the course. 

How much is the course? It’s $597 (early bird pricing). I know investing in yourself can be hard, however instead of getting caught up on the price (which is the LOWEST any of my exclusive group courses will be), think about the impact it will have in your life. If you are ready to meet your soulmate, or reignite the passion in your relationship now is the time. Not only that but you will truly fall in love with yourself in ways you never imagined possible – and THAT has a far longer impact that the money you put down. 

Will this course benefit me if I’m already in love? Yes! This course is primarily about creating a beautiful relationship with YOURSELF. Once you learn how you act/react to situations and people and why you do the things you do, all of your relationships will improve. This program will help you to manage toxic people in your life, learning how to set boundaries and not be a people pleaser, understanding expectations and the danger of them, and much more! You’ll also discover tools on how to continuously improve your current relationship so that the love and passion lasts.


Now is the time to learn how to heal the relationships in your life and create outstanding ones that lead to the most incredible happiness you can imagine.

If you have any questions leave a comment below and if you would like to join but need assistance with a payment plan email me:



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