08 Jul 2014

Hi Nikki,
First off I know I’m still big in both pictures, but I wanted you to see my results because I’m really pleased with them. I used your detox as a kick start to get me back on my healthy eating plan and thought it would be really difficult as I love my meat and dairy! However I didn’t crave either of the above throughout the detox, and I managed to do the whole thing without cheating which is good for me 😉
Whilst I’m not going to continue with a vegan diet, I do see the benefits of eating less meat and dairy and definitely see the benefits of including more fresh, raw veg in my diet and will continue to do that! I will also refer back to your detox whenever I need another kick up the arse to get started! Btw I lost 6lbs just doing the detox 🙂 Thanks again for your amazing detox, you’ve really helped me get back on track!

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