08 Jul 2014

Dear Nikki, I’ve followed you on Instagram (mine is leiddyy) for motivation and I was doing great meal prepping, working out, sleeping and being positive. But the past 2 weeks with midterms I started freaking out staying up late studying drinking loads of coffee and having midnight munchies which bloated and set me back so much! I was starting to feel depressed and awful about my body and then I decided to give your detox a chance after seeing all the pictures. It was the best decision! Not only do I visibly see a change but I have gained my confidence back which to me is the most important. I feel like I’m on top of the world and being able to complete this detox really made me focus again and reassured me that I won’t let anything stop me for reaching my goals. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this detox with the world it’s truly amazing and you’re really doing a great thing for a lot of people.


Leidy 🙂

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