08 Jul 2014

I feel the need to thank you for this great 5 Day Detox!

After seeing so many positive things on Instagram about it, I decided I was going to go for it.
I’ve recently lost 20lbs+ and found that my progress was fluctuating. I also had trouble with bloating and my digestion in general.
I found it easy to follow the meal plan and actually LIKED the food which I didn’t expect. There are so many yummy recipes which I can’t wait to make again (Stuffed Red Pepper!!).
Now after the Detox I’ve lost 5lbs, my digestion is the way it should be and my stomach is finally not bloated anymore. I also find myself having less cravings and getting full sooner.
My before and after pictures may not be very impressive, the way you changed how I feel in my body as well as about my body, is.

Thank you so much for making education about nutrition easily accessible and affordable.
I hope, you can get some well deserved relaxation and find a little inner piece 🙂

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