Is Your Scale Making You Fat?

30 Dec 2014

It’s nearly 2015 and time for all those New Year’s resolutions. This is a time that we are allowed to start over, let our past year’s mistakes go away and begin with a fresh mind.

If you’re like me then I’m sure you have a few body goals in mind. With that being said, I have not personally set a full goal of weight loss anything specific like that, mine revolves around going to this specific workout class 4x a week (MDR) and doing yoga to supplement that. However, whether you are choosing to lose weight, drop body fat, add more muscle, or run a 10k, it’s important to realize that with all of these goals you will need to put on muscle in order to have the body that you’re aiming for.

That’s what got me thinking- is your scale making you fat?

I know there’s been a lot of research both promoting using a scale and not. There is no right answer to this, but I do personally believe that a scale is not a useful tool. I say this because I’ve been feeling a little bloated during the holidays, however I’m also working out more. I was at the gym this morning and decided to weigh myself…big mistake. I am heavier then I’ve been in a while and it gave me a shock. I think I look pretty toned and my clothes fit. So I started wondering- am I putting on muscle? A pound of muscle is the same as a pound of fat, however muscle is more dense and will burn more calories in your body than a pound of fat. When you begin a weight loss program it’s important to realize that you must add lean muscle tissue in order to get that toned and slim look. Girls- don’t be afraid to lift as it’s very hard for a woman to become bulky unless this is your genetic body type. You don’t need to specifically lift though, doing body weight exercises will give you those long lean muscles without adding bulk, if you are afraid of that. fat-vs-muscle(Please note this photo is not me, I just wanted to show you how you can look better with more muscle and more weight)
The scales really are a thing of the past. Taking before and after pictures will give you a far better idea of how far you have come or have to go. As you begin a new exercise regime (that is not cardio based), will begin to notice that your body will look tighter, your saddle bags will disappear and you will begin getting definition all over your body. By just using a scale, you don’t see this on your body, instead you might begin to freak out that the scale is going up, which is very normal and in fact good if you are putting on this much needed muscle. So I challenge you to put away the scale with your resolutions and begin judging from pictures and how your clothes feel.With Love, Nikki

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