Stay Fit When You Have A Mini Kitchen

02 Aug 2014

How do you stay healthy when you have a kitchen the size of a smart car?

I get this question on all the time in regards to cooking, staying fit and eating healthy when you have an almost non-existent kitchen. I wanted to share my experience with you as I’ve been living on a boat with a mini kitchen and I have managed to keep with my normal routine when it comes to eating well.


 When space is limited, it’s important to prioritize what kitchen equipment you will need and be able to use.

–       Blenders: this is the preferred piece of equipment for any small kitchen. This is because you can make green smoothies, fruit smoothies, sauces and various treats. Blending keeps the fiber intact which is the best form of having fruits and vegetables, which keeps your digestive system regular and keeps the gut flora healthy.

o   I personally love my vitamix, however this is a costly piece of equipment. I do think it’s worth it to get them however and their website offers great payment plans. (I don’t currently have one on the boat and I notice a huge difference in how well it blends my smoothies and sauces.)

o   Nutri-bullet is THE WAY to go if you have limited space

–       Juicers: these are great if you are looking to get an extra boost to your health, however they are harder to clean and can take up more space. I have a great mini one- although it’s still a b*^$h to clean. Juices are fabulous, just remember that green is the way to go! (Having only fruit juices will spike you blood sugar and can lead to excess weight gain.)

–       Cutting board & good knife: it’s worth it to invest in a good knife, as it will make your life so much easier. These are both easy to store.

In my mini kitchen I have been making juices, smoothies, tea in a big pitcher & drinking all day, and always have ample amounts of fruit and veg in the fridge to nibble on. It’s very important to keep your kitchen full of healthy foods for those moments that you are starving and need a quick bite.


Products I recommend for having in your kitchen:

–       Herbal teas

–       Superfood powders (I use Organic Burst spirulina, chlorella, maca) and can’t recommend them enough! It’s the only ones I take with me wherever I go!

–       Matcha green tea

–       Vegan protein powder (I love Sunwarrior and Vega)

–       Pukka daily fiber

–       Amazing Meal travel packs


 My fridge has loads of water, fruits, veggies, lemons, ginger, hardboiled eggs, mustard, fish oil, feta cheese, canned (and rinsed) black beans (and of course, some much needed beers- as I am on holiday and all!)

I hope this helps you with staying healthy in your kitchens, big or small!



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