Staying On Track While Detoxing

06 Mar 2013

I recently decided to do 8 days of my detox and announced it on my Instagram account asking people to participate in either all eight or join with the five days. Suffice to say, I was so excited, ready, and on-track to killing it the whole time. So the reason for my longer-than-5-days-detox? VACATION! Yup, I’m finally heading on vacation and knew that the normal 5 days would make me feel amazing prior to prancing around in a bikini, so I figured why not do 8 days and feel EVEN BETTER?! Well, yea, I was slightly wrong and here’s why:

– 5 days is short enough that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on too much life.

– 8 days is just too long. period.

– 5 days gets rid of your bloating, clears up your skin, gets you sleeping better, gives you more energy.

– 8 days is a bit more tough because of the “real world” and keeping commitments with friends, family, dinner plans, etc.

When I first created this detox, it was only for only me and I made it for 5 days because I know myself and that I have a short attention span. I don’t like strict rules (partially because I’m a spaz and partially because of my ED past) and promised myself that I could maintain something that was pretty strict for 5 days; that’s not even a whole week! Having now done it the detox two times prior, I succeeded greatly on both. Doing it this time has been challenging and I’m realizing that with my commitments to my life, friends, family, etc. eight days  is just not realistic to my lifestyle; I saw perfect results in 5 days already so I think I was pushing it a bit too much. However, with this being said, I will give a few tips on how to stick to the detox if you are having trouble during the 5 days, need to have lunch or dinner out, and how to succeed afterwards.

  1. If you have a prior commitment to a work lunch or dinner, call the restaurant ahead and ask if they do any vegan options. Because you are cutting out meat, chicken, and fish the best option is vegan as they will use no wheat, no dairy or meat. Just make sure to ask for a side of vegetables or a salad with the sauce to the side and no salt added. If they do not have this option, then get a basic steamed salmon or white fish or chicken with a side of steamed vegetables.
  2. Cooking for friends is still an option, just try and stick to the plan as much as possible. I made a meal that included everything from the dinner stir fry, however we added organic, free range chicken. The marinade was 1 TBSP tahini, balsamic & cider vinegar, cayenne, and dried oregano. We then cooked in 1 TBSP of coconut oil (or use extra virgin olive oil) and let me tell you… it was sensational ( pictures below) and placed it on top of the extra veggies from the rolls as well as roasted pepper.I also made zucchini and cucumber rolls filled with avocado, julienned carrots and red pepper and bean sprouts. The zucchini works best and can be made by peeling the whole vegetable then rolling it like sushi.
  3. If you have never cut out junk food before and find that no matter how much you try and cannot cut out a few cookies, try having one or two medjool dates (and yes, buy this specific type!). Sit down, savor them, allow each little nibble to sit in your mouth and really try to enjoy the natural sweetness of the dates. Don’t eat more than a few though.
  4. If you DO happen to succumb to temptation: don’t worry. We are all human and are not perfect all the time. In fact, there is no such thing as perfect! There is only trying to be the best you can be. So don’t beat yourself up, don’t think negative thoughts, and don’t change your eating patterns. Read this post, then continue EXACTLY as the meal plan says. One meal won’t make or break your diet. I find that if I overeat or have something unhealthy I will make myself have something healthy afterwards (even if I’ve eaten a lot of calories in the binge) to get that clean taste from natural foods back in my body. I love having things like avocado, watermelon, cucumber, dates, oranges, or anything that is citrus-y and colorful.

Try and understand that while the detox is meant to get you feeling better in 5 days, it’s more so meant to teach you life long eating habits. In your day-to-day life after the detox try and keep to the rules as best you can in terms of the water, vegetable intake, lemon water, green tea, and amount of fruit you have.


8 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    I’m breastfeeding, is it safe to do your detox? I really want to do it but I don’t want it to affect my milk supply.

    • Yes, it’s safe. As always though you need to judge how you feel and make changes if you don’t feel good. Just know that you might get headaches but it’s temporary and you’ll feel better (as will your baby!) aftwerards x

  2. Colleen says:

    Hey!! I just bought your detox through my phone and I went out of the link and can’t figure out how to get back to it to actually download it?? If that’s how it works?

  3. SamnR says:

    Hi Nikki, I’m training for a marathon and run about 15 miles every Saturday, so I try to take in as much salt as I can at least three days prior to my runs. With this in mind, is it safe to do the detox and will I still have good energy for my runs? I’m thinking about starting on Sunday, so I finish by next Friday in time for the weekend (it’s by birthday!) Thanks!

    • It’s not recommended to do the detox if you are required to take in salt (I’ve never heard of you having to take in salt and if anything you should be taking in himalyan pink sea salt, not table salt). xx

  4. Claire says:

    I often feel very distended but I mostly eat very healthy. Could a detox help against this distended feeling?


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