Striving For Perfection

26 May 2014

You know it; I know it… there is no such thing as perfection. While we all look at celebrities and people we admire and think they look perfect, they are doing the same to other people they look up to. It’s one of those weird things in life that it’s hard to be content and satisfied with yourself when we are always surrounded with supposedly ‘perfect’ people.

I say this because I have recently posted two pictures on my selfie account of a before/after from 19 weeks ago to now. It is so scary to post these because I’m putting myself out there for the world to see and with that comes a lot of judgment. People seem to think it’s okay to tell you that you looked better before, that you need to gain more weight, or that you are not fit enough. It seems like no matter what picture I post of myself, it’s never good enough for others. That’s when I started realizing that I don’t actually care what other people think (because most of my followers on that account don’t actually read my captions). My biggest point of one of these pictures was that in the before picture I was unhappy, I was binging and addicted to sugar. Whereas now, I have lost a lot of weight due to a bad back and not being able to workout, which also meant a lot of muscle loss. Well… let me tell you, people thought I looked better before…where I was a bit curvier and not as skinny. Yet they didn’t read my caption stating that I wasn’t happy with myself and therefore took it out on my body.

One of the biggest things that I’ve been learning over the past few years is to stop comparing myself to others. This is probably one of the hardest things that we can do in life, yet also one of the most rewarding. By comparing ourselves to other people we are never satisfied with our own lives, in whatever way you are comparing.

It’s tough because I look at other people in the fitness/health world who seem to have caught a lucky break and are just killing it now. It makes me really bitter that I’ve been working my butt off, have been taken advantage of, and really am just not seeing the results in work I feel I deserve. It makes me do the whole self-doubt thing and thinking that I’m not good enough. When in reality, I AM good enough! And what I’m doing is completely different from them. I’m also doing something I love, which at the end of the day should be the only thing that matters.

So what if I’m not making as much money as that person, or my abs are not as toned?  So what if I don’t have as many instagram followers, my business hasn’t grown as quickly, or my name isn’t as well known?! One thing that I’ve really come to realize is that every time I think about other people it brings me down. And I think what I’m doing is actually pretty cool. I am lucky, blessed and pretty damn happy with who I am, what I’ve achieved and what I feel I can offer the world.

I am understanding more and more that when we can focus on our own lives and trying to become a better person than we were yesterday (in ALL manifestations… such as work, personal life, working out and our mind), that we will be happier with who we are and what we’ve achieved.

With this, I’ve set a few intentions for this upcoming month that I will talk about in the next post I do. I believe that challenging myself to focus on the positive in all manners and not worry about what others are achieving can only help me. I hope that you all understand how being kind to yourself both with your thoughts and how you eat (clean eating means clean thoughts) will make you love yourself.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. Just a little food for thought before I sleep on this beautiful night.



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