Mixing Winter and Summer

20 Jan 2015


IMG_7506Shorts- Agua Bendita    Sweater- Athleta     Shoes- Rene Caovilla

Los Angeles is one of those places that I find inspiration in the little things. We get a day of sunshine and warmth during winter and everyone comes alive, wearing summer clothes and basking in the glory of the sun. I took the opportunity to get out on my bike, grabbing a little exercise while at it and joining the rest of everyone to head down to Venice Beach. I wanted to dress warm enough (sweater) while being able to catch some rays on my legs.

One thing that I love about this place (or any place during a nice day) is that you can mix and match different pieces to create an outfit. On a cold day, I would normally wear these shorts with some black tights, ankle boots and the same sweater. It allows you to wear something that you feel sexy in, without becoming freezing on a cold day. It’s important to wear things you find comfort in, that make you feel good, and that you can wear at various times of the year. When picking out pieces of clothing, always go for things that you can pair with different outfits so it doesn’t sit in your closet for a good six months.

When looking for pieces, try to go for quality over quantity. While I do enjoy grabbing tops from Topshop and Zara, I love piecing them with form fitting jeans that cost a bit more. Typically, think about how much you will wear it, how long you can keep it for, and what you can wear it with. There’s no reason to go blow all your money on clothes and accessories, however it’s important to realize that a few key pieces such as nice shorts, a good cardigan/jumper, blazer, and jeans are some of the items you should spend good money on. Jeans and the blazer are two of the most important pieces and should fit your body to the T. Also, never be scared of getting things tailored to your body. I rarely find jeans that fit exactly in the right places, so finding a nice pair that you tailor will make them fit all the right curves of your body.

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IMG_7599Doesn’t this look like it should be an ad?!




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