The Layar in Seminyak

09 Nov 2015

There is something very special about this place. It’s almost like a je ne sais quoi yet the more you think about it, the reason The Layar stands out in your mind is because you suddenly feel at home. Yes, this is the sort of place that you might have been dreaming about living in one day. I can happily say that once you are here, you most likely will spend most of your day lounging by the pool, venturing into the heart of Seminyak, and really beginning to feel like you’re a local and not just a tourist.5D8A0546

The Layar is tucked away and for good reason. Once you arrive, you are no longer part of the hustle and bustle that is Seminyak, instead you get a feeling that you are in your own space, not a hotel. It has the feeling and vibe of a luxury hotel without the small rooms or hallways to walk through. Instead, you have your own apartment style villa, each with multiple rooms, a kitchen, dining area and tv room. Our TV room was on a second story area and looked out over the outdoor dining area/pool, completed with a full wall of windows.



I went with my two friends, Tara, another blogger and Diana, a wonderful photographer. Tara and I were both snapchatting like crazy as we arrived as it was such a contrast and change from being in Ubud the night before. You could hear us both ooohing and aaahing as we walked in and saw the pool, large rooms, and incredibly beautiful bathrooms. All three of us loved being in a place where we had our own space yet could enjoy each other throughout the rest of the villa.


The staff were lovely and very attentive, coming in to clean full force with a few people all at once to get it done quickly and efficiently. Whenever we needed a taxi, we called the front and the notified us when it was there, offering to come pick us up from the villa to  drop us to the taxi. Seriously, good service! One of the best parts? The welcome 10 minute neck and head massage that you get when arriving. One of the on-call spa members (they don’t have an actual spa as they only do treatments in your villa) comes to you and will use some delicious oil to make you feel beyond relaxed. (I actually bought the oil when I left, it was that good.)

We also were able to try Settimo Cielo, which is the Italian restaurant at the front of the villas as you enter. Italian is not the sort of food I eat everyday so it was fun to try a few different things on the menu and all of them were pretty good. The polenta fries are definitely worth a try, and surprising as is the broccoli with lemon and pesto (I personally asked it without anchovies). The pumpkin ravioli is pretty much to die for and I’m not a huge pasta lover. Seriously, that is a spectacular dish.


Overall review: If you are going to Seminyak, then I can definitely say this is a place you will enjoy staying at. It’s close enough to the beach that you can walk or take a free buggie, yet secluded enough that you feel like you are in the comforts of your own home. The whole staff is lovely and will take care of anything you need, and the bonus is that you are delivered breakfast to your villa each morning (no charge, this made me happy). It’s centrally located so it’s a quick drive to my favorite health food joint, Earth Cafe, just down the street. The buggies will even take you there for free.

With Love, N

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