This Pig Eats Better Than You!

19 Apr 2013

After purusing youtube I randomly stumbled across this video and couldn`t get enough of it!

Have a look and definitely take note on many of the products mentioned. I will do another post next week on each thing in particular to talk about the benefits of the superfoods.

4 Responses

  1. theswedishyogi says:

    That is so a amazing, Nikki! I think I may need a pig, Haha.

  2. Olivia Godell says:

    I’m going to do your detox! I’m so excited to have a defined body, I have two quick questions though. I do track and do u think it is ok to do this detox while running track? Also I eat considerably healthy now will that make bad/ different results?

    • Depends on how much track you are doing. The detox can make you feel tired, weak, and sometimes not so great and that is from the toxins leaving your body. While heavy physical activity is not recommended a moderate amount is fine x


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