Tips for Detoxing

02 Sep 2014

I just started my 5 Day Detox and while I know the routine and how it goes, it’s not always easy. For those of you just starting out on your journey to clean eating or healthy living doing a detox (or just adding in healthier foods) can be very challenging. I wanted to give a few of my personal tips and tricks to begin cleansing your body and special hacks when you’re doing my detox.

  1. Meal prep. I know this is mentioned a ton and you’ve read it in my plan, however if you fail to prepare the things like quinoa, beans, the hummus or chopping any veggies you will find that it is FAR harder to stick with the plan, even for only 5 days.IMG_8892
  2. When you feel like cheating go for a walk. I’m just like you in that I begin craving all sorts of crazy things as soon as I do the detox and the one thing I have realized is that when I begin wanting to eat something (whether on the detox or not) I need to just get out of my house. I work from home so I’m constantly surrounded by food, however I realize that if you are at work and someone offers you something the easiest thing to do is just go for a quick stroll to take your mind off it.
  3. If the craving gets seriously bad, brush your teeth. When your mouth is minty and fresh you are less likely to eat. (Why do you think mint gum is so popular?)
  4. Get an extra boost in the morning with your lemon water. Add 1/8 tsp turmeric + 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper along with a dash of cider vinegar to the morning cup of lemon water and you will not only reduce cravings but give your metabolism an extra kick, along with boosting the detoxing process. Turmeric is also included in various recipes on the detox, however it’s one of the best things you can have to cleanse your body quickly.
  5. Portion your meals. If you are short on time and make a few of the meals in one go, add them to 5 containers so you are less likely to overeat on one meal and less on the next. I personally put all my hummus into 5 mini containers so they are ready to grab and go.
  6. Find teas that you LOVE. I’m a huge fan of trying new teas and each time I do the detox I grab a new flavored green tea, various herbal teas and mix and match to create my own. This way you find out what you like and which ones really hit the spot (especially in times of cravings).
  7. Buy plates that inspire you. I personally LOVE my chalkboard mug that I put my teas into because I can write something inspiring on it during the day (I will typically have my lemon water, make my tea in my mug and go for a walk outside with it). It’s a slight ritual and it makes drinking a pleasant experience.IMG_8940
  8. Try to make your food look appealing. I highly recommend the spiralizer as it creates noodles out of your vegetables, which is far more preferable than slicing. By creating visually appealing meals you are more likely to enjoy the food than if you just throw everything into a bowl and eat it in front of the TV.
  9. If you get constipated, realize this is normal. You are increasing your fiber drastically and the body sometimes has a hard time processing it. That’s why it’s so important to drink the amount of water recommended. If you do get constipated, try drinking an herbal laxative tea which is far safer than laxative pills. Just remember that you might see MORE bloating before it gets better and again this is totally normal. By day 4 you will wake up and feel far, far better so stick with it beautiful!
  10. Put smoothie ingredients into a plastic bag and throw in the freezer. That way in the morning you can just put the contents into the blender and go instead of taking time to measure and pack/unpack things from the fridge.

Having done the detox many times now I always find the first two days quite hard because you are craving foods, feel left out socially at times and can find the food bland (if you are used to using salt and sugar). Just remember that it’s only 5 days and at the end you will be feeling so good for not only completing it but for seeing the amazing results.



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