Tips to Feel Sexy

20 Jan 2015

We all want to look sexy, fit and more importantly FEEL good when we’re out of our clothes. No longer is it all about being skinny; rather it’s being toned and looking good naked. But how do you get that way and what are the best foods and exercises to get you being the best version of you?

I’d like to share my top 10 tips on food, fitness and health on how to get rid of cellulite, get rid of bloating and how to look sexy (almost) immediately. Gone are the days of hiding in baggy clothes; it’s time to embrace being a woman with curves and loving yourself.

  1. Get rid of cellulite- the easy way. Body brushing is nothing new, however most people don’t know about them. Pick one up at Boots (UK), Whole Foods, The Body Shop or any health food shop. This will help to stimulate the lymph system and breakup fat deposits. It also helps to remove dead skin, leaving you with smooth baby-soft skin and allows your skin to hydrate easier with product.body-brush
  2. Don’t forget your water. This is one of the best ways to make you feel sexy. When we are dehydrated, our face shows fine lines, acne and tired eyes. Down 2-3L a day and you’ll be cleansing your body of toxins, helping prevent constipation and boosting your metabolism.
  3. Eat Clean Stay Lean. You’ve heard it over and over. A healthy diet is essential to feeling great. This means cutting out processed foods, anything with a calorie count on it, and anything that has more than 5 ingredients. Simply cutting these things out and focusing on a whole foods diet will increase your energy, reduce cravings and help you shed those few extra pounds.
  4. Use coconut oil. This is one of my favorite things to use on my face as a moisturizer at night, hair for a mask, and body to hydrate the skin. Coconut oil is anti-microbial and helps to clear acne, reduce scarring and redness. It’s also a great hair mask to help hydrate dead locks. Just add 1TBSP on your ends at night, wrap your hair up, and wash the next day. biona-coconut-oil
  5. Do bridge exercises. By nature these are a slightly sexual exercise, where you lie on your back and with feet on the floor in front of you, raise your hips up, clenching your butt once your butt is up in the air then lower. This firms up your toosh and will get you ready for some encounters in the bedroom.
  6. Boost your confidence with a flawless face. No one likes acne, scarring, redness or botched makeup. Be sure to start off with a good exfoliater, one made from 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp honey (bonus if you use Manuka) and a squeeze of lemon. Add a few drops of your foundation to sunscreen for your own BB cream that is not a pricey and fits your skin tone perfectly.
  7. Get a smaller belly for that summer bikini. No one likes a bloated stomach when trying to strut your stuff, so be sure to have peppermint tea, fresh ginger and parsley to help calm your belly and reduce bloating.
  8. Stay away from salt, fizzy drinks and fake sugar. Sodium makes you retain water, causing bloat and making fine lines appear more noticeable. Fizzy drinks, especially those with fake sugar will cause your body to think it’s getting food, making you eat more (there is not a single study that proves diet sodas help with weight loss).
  9. Splurge on a sexy outfit and wear it with pride. With all the food and exercise tips I can give, none of them matter if you don’t dress to impress and feel confident doing it. Find a dress or skirt that fits your perfectly (or get it tailored) and pull that bad boy out when you are feeling down. Dressing up, even if you are running errands, will make you feel like a million bucks.111
  10. Eat foods that boost your sex drive. Cayenne pepper gets your heart racing (double bonus that it helps burn fat), cherries increase blood flow, and maca powder increases endurance and stamina. These will help you workout harder, recover quicker and get sexy under the covers.

I hope my tips to feel sexy help you to start looking and feeling great in no time at all. Just remember, summer is quickly approaching and the sooner you start a maintainable routine, the easier it will be to get that body you want without killing yourself at the gym.



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