Top Meditations To Reduce Anxiety

16 Mar 2020

My loves, we are all going through a bizarre time in history with the Coronavirus epidemic and it’s important to remember that you are in control of your own thoughts. With so much uncertainty a lot of fears will be coming up and just know this is natural. However, you can help control your own emotions during this time and that is why I wanted to share my top meditations to reduce anxiety.

When it comes to meditating, there are many different forms and so I encourage you not to get caught up in the amount of time you must spend doing it. Rather, focus on the benefits you will get from it. Meditations can come in the form of watching a lit candle, which helps you to focus the mind on one thing (active meditation) all the way to sound healings where you lay back and let the music wash over you (passive meditations).

I’ll be sharing my top meditations to reduce anxiety below in all different formats and lengths for you to test out which one works for you, broken into categories. I hope you enjoy them and find more peace in your life starting today!

top meditations to reduce anxiety

Sleep Meditations. These are perfect to put on at night while going to sleep. They affect your deeper subconscious, helping you to relax and get a deeper sleep without needing to do anything else but drift off into dreamland.




10 Minute Meditations. For those who haven’t meditated often or find it hard to do, these are easy to follow and highly effect to calm the nervous system down and instil calmness.


Active Meditations. These include deep breathing, movement, and staring at a candle. I’m including one on youtube for the candle meditation that you can do, or practice it with a candle in front of you at eye level that you stare at. Each time you blink, keep your eyes closed for a moment then re-open your eyes and look at the candle.


Passive Meditations. If you are needing some deep relaxation, these are the ones to try. They include yoga nidra and soul baths which will put you into a complete state of peace.

21 Day Meditation. I love Deepak Chopra and have found committing to the 21 days a highly beneficial thing one to do.

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