Valentine’s Day… which side are you on?

10 Feb 2021

Hi my loves,

Valentines Day, which is around the corner, brings about feelings of love for some and irritation for others. Which camp are you in?

I used to hate V-Day. I thought it was a commercialized holiday and an excuse for people to show their love on one day only, rather than every other day of the year.

That was until I took a deep dive into myself and understood what was actually making me so angry about this one day. Now, I appreciate it as a day to celebrate love for MYSELF.

Yes, we can celebrate with our partner, but ultimately love starts with you.

Because how you show up for yourself is how you will show up for others.

The saying goes: how you do anything is how you do everything. And so if you are getting triggered about Valentines Day because you don’t have a special someone, or get angry that your partner doesn’t show/treat you the way you want on V-Day… it’s time to look in the mirror and ask yourself “where am I not showing up in my life for myself ?”

Let me help you learn to cultivate the best relationships of your life.

My RELATIONSHIP COURSE will dramatically change your life. You will learn how to set boundaries, why you constantly give/ say “yes” all the time and how changing this will drastically improve your life. You’ll discover ways to deal with toxic people in your life and how to mend/heal a broken heart when it comes to friends, family, or a partner.

If you have lost the magic with your partner or want to learn ways to spice up a current relationship, this program is for you.

You will discover your Love Languages, Attachment Style, and why fights happen with your partner + how to stop them in their tracks.

And best of all? You will gain so much self-confidence that you’re not longer triggered by external fights, people, or events.

Imagine waking up feeling sexy, confident, and knowing that you can handle any relationship challenge that comes your way. Let me tell you – it’s a pretty magical feeling to have this. And it’s totally possible. You will learn all the secrets in six weeks to help you live a life that inspires you beyond your wildest dreams.

Oh, and did I mention? For my single friends, you will learn to manifest your DREAM PARTNER and exactly who you need to be in order to call them into your life.

This is something I’m SUPER passionate about as I am living proof (along with every one of my clients that I’ve taught the Dream Binder to), that my methods work.

I’ve been teaching these methods to my private clients for years with INCREDIBLE success.

Don’t just take my word for this though:

“Working with Nikki was life changing. She strengthened my relationship with my children and my mother, and what I thought didn’t need any fixing, she even helped make my incredible relationship with husband even stronger and tighter than ever.” – Victoria M.

Whether your goal is to find your soulmate, spice up a current relationship, learn to love yourself, or how to set boundaries so you stop giving to everyone leaving yourself feeling drained… THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.


Starts 2/22 and runs for six weeks. Live calls. 1:1 coaching. Guest speakers. Price: $697. EARLY BIRD PRICING: $497 (ends 2/14)


I can’t wait to help you on your journey to live a life full of abundance, inspiration, and most of all, confidence in YOU!



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