Wellness Trip at Four Seasons Santa Barbara

04 Jun 2017

While this is definitely a little overdue, considering I actually went to the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara in March (eek, how time flies!), it’s almost better to share now because the summer months in Santa Barbara are some of the prettiest, and I’m pretty sure this blog post is going to make you ready to book a trip to the Four Seasons!

Now, let’s get into the WHY I was at The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara. You all know that I absolutely LOVE travel, and it’s also no surprise that I have a soft spot for Four Seasons as a company. The two go hand in hand for me, because FS promotes such a luxurious lifestyle while on the road, and you can definitely get your money’s worth without breaking the bank. I truly adore the FS brand because they have just about everything I would or could want when I’m staying there, ranging from insanely awesome gyms, to world-class clean foods! Throw in a kale-tini (or three) and you really have me excited! 😉


So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I was going to be demo-ing a Wellness Program that Four Seasons Santa Barbara is launching and would be able to give my feedback on how to improve it. I mean….hellooooo! YES. PLEASE. AND THANK YOU! As I was sent the trip itinerary I was beyond excited, not only because I knew I was going with some incredible humans, but I was going to experience Santa Barbara for the first time, in truly the best way possible. (Yes, it was my first time there, total travesty I know…the good news? Staying at the FS SB absolutely has convinced me that I might just need to move up there!)


Wellness Trip at Four Season Santa Barbara (our schedule)

  • Daily guided meditation with Aiden Chase
  • Curated wellness menu, including coconut chia pudding, mango salad, compressed watermelon asian salad, cauliflower steaks, etc.
  • Daily spa treatments
  • Paddle boarding
  • Fitness with Nora Tobin
  • Yoga
  • Aquaponics dinner

And more…


I mean…. does it get better than this? It’s like a vacation within a vacation, that you will actually feel rested and rejuvenated upon returning from your trip. Having never driven up to Santa Barbara, I put on some great tunes and enjoyed the scenic route from LA, which was around 90 minutes- not bad at all considering you feel like you’re in another state.

Although it was quite foggy when I arrived, it was warm and actually very majestic! There is something about being in a place where the people are friendly, your right next to the ocean, and it’s a bit mysterious and foggy. I arrived early so that I could work from the restaurant which  was priceless in of itself. The staff were impeccable and made me feel like royalty (seriously! they were SO attentive, but not in a bad way), the view is stunning from the main restaurant, and I got to type away on my laptop with a cool breeze on me. I mean…. yes?!



The wellness trip begins!

Finally the other people on the Wellness Trip arrived and we all checked in then Aiden Chase who led us through a meditation; what a way to start your vacation off! Following this we met Nora Tobin, their trainer extraordinaire, over by the private pool in Coral Casino where we did yoga. It was then off to dinner, where we had some of the most amazing tasty dishes, ranging from vegan to paleo friendly and my absolute favorite- the kale-tini! They juice kale then mix it with agave, jalapeño, and tequila. It is magical. Seriously. Order it, and then maybe one or two more. You’ll thank me later!


I slept like a rockstar in my bedroom that night, well actually all the nights!, as it is just so darn peaceful up there! It was something about the energy being right by the water, being outside of LA, and the property itself is very quiet and you just surrender into the moment.

The next day it was all about morning fitness to get out booty’s sweating with Nora. Breakfast of epic proportions from their Wellness Menu followed and I loved every bite of it. The chia pudding was epic, as was the power bowl with avocado on top. They serve you green juices and there’s unlimited fruit to chow on as well.  One thing I do love about the wellness menu that they did is curating a healthy one with options that range from vegan to just clean eating, with a little small guilty pleasure in tether as well, but nothing that will leave you feeling gross after. They won my heart by doing this, as I really wish more hotel restaurants would follow suit.



That afternoon my good friend, Kim Kessler and I decided to go for a long beach walk, which turned into like a three hour ordeal. It was just so beautiful and we kept stopping to take photos, pickup beautiful shells, and just catching up on life. Being up at Four Seasons Santa Barbara relaxed me so much because it’s a calmer pace of life; one you really enjoy and flow into easily.

That night we had drinks up top the pool at that Coral Casino with a beautiful view of the ocean, sun, mountains and scenery. Our whole group sipped on gin and kombucha style drinks, now you’re really talking my language, and just shared our experiences about our time there, life, boys, you know…as we do! hehe.



Dinner fit for a queen

Dinner was divine. We sat outside at Tydes and with the fog rolling in, candles lit, wine, some of the most beautiful food such as multi-colored beet salad and burrata, and good company, this was a meal to remember. We all stayed up for a while just talking the night away and eating such beautiful creations from the chef. I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the healthy menu items Four Seasons Santa Barbara has done because they do not make it in a way where you’re like ‘ugh, what a boring salad.’ Oh no! They make everything that looks and tastes like healthy food should- DELICIOUS.

Our last full day entailed meditation with Aiden, yoga at Coral in a different location, a fresh juice bar afterwards, followed by lunch, and a bit of afternoon relaxing. I got the Total Relaxation massage at this point, which was exactly what I needed in that moment. I left feeling so calm and rejuvenated. Pure bliss.

The dinner this night was absolutely spectacular. I know I keep mentioning how good the food is, so trust me, if I’m raving about it this much, it’s because they did something right (because I won’t promote something I don’t full heartedly believe in). So this last dinner was an AquaPonics farm dinner. Meaning all of the vegetables that they used, were grown through this system, and also presented to us on the table as center pieces that we nibbled on throughout. I won’t go into details, but definitely check it out here as it’s super interested. It was a multiple course menu and it seriously blew me away. Everything that came out was tasty beyond words and you could tell it was all so fresh. One of my favorite experiences we had! I mean, shaved limoncello ice inside the actual lemons and limes… so so so good!






Saying goodbye…

After such an incredible dinner it was finally time to say goodbye to the most amazing group of people. But not without a few surprises! Meditation, one-on-one health consultations, then a last bit of exercise and then it was time to go back to LA.


This weekend away was one of the better things I’ve done for my health recently and I truly did get back to LA feeling like I had a ‘real’ vacation; the one where you feel fully rejuvenated by!

A few special thank you’s: Executive Chef Marco Fossati who created absolutely amazing healthy and delicious meals! Emilie Plouchart, who is the director of PR at FS/SB, Kim Kessler who is the director of PR for FS/Los Angeles, both of these lovely ladies made my trip incredible. If you have a chance to meet them, please do and say hi from me!

I highly recommend the Wellness Retreat at Four Seasons Santa Barbara if you’re looking for a nice getaway that isn’t a ton of travel to get to, and will really leave you feeling like you are coming away with more than when you arrived! I’d love to know if any of you have been to this hotel and what your thoughts are? Comment below!

Tons of love,


PS- Where should I go next? Where would you like me to review/check out/ eat at? Leave me notes in the comments section.

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  1. RedSportsCar says:

    Great tour, really enjoyed the photos! Personally, I’d love to see you do a trip where it stretched the boundaries of what you’ve done before physically; such as rock climbing, an overnight deep-country hiking adventure (with healthy eating of course), parasailing, white-water rafting or an introduction to kayaking… something to get the adrenaline going and offer some cool GoPro type opportunities showing how outdoor adventures can be so complimentary to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

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