Photo Diary Series: What To Do in Venice, Italy

06 Nov 2017

Recently I took a pretty epic trip out to Europe, which started in the incredibly beautiful and romantic city of Venice, Italy. I had not yet been to this stunning setting, yet knew that one day I would absolutely come experience the magic. Rather than giving you a detailed description of what I did through writing, I decided to share tons of photos, hopefully to inspire you to travel and give you some ideas on if you choose to head to the places I recently went.

Stay tuned throughout the next few weeks as I’ll be sharing more in my Photo Diary series including Lake Como, Portofino, and Barcelona.

But for now… let’s dive into Venice, Italy!


Venice, Italy: The City of Water

Let’s start off by saying: Venice is INSANELY beautiful. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I couldn’t get enough of being  transported by water taxis, having dinner in the canals, and having glasses of aperol spritz in the town center listening to live music. Let’s just say it was bliss and I can easily see myself heading back there year after year!

It’s a place that I have seen in photos, heard about how the town is sinking in the news, and that it’s a very romantic place to go…I mean, Casanova was from here after all! The city is filled with beautiful secret streets, masks to buy in shops, local guides that take you through the canals and give you the history. I was definitely in for a treat being here and am very excited to share this trip with you!


Arriving in this place does kind of take your breath away and immediately you think you don’t have enough time. So let me dive into what I personally did and things I do recommend doing, both on a budget/not. (My personal style of travel is to be able to experience everything from staying in a hostel to a 5-star hotel in the same place because you will have wonderful experiences no matter what and appreciate what each offers when you explore places in different ways.) It is good to note though that Venice is definitely NOT a cheap city and a water-taxi one-way is 60 euros.


Where I stayed:

  • Hotel Cipriani. This is a luscious hotel on the outskirts of the town. The sunset views are spectacular, however you are not really ‘in the canals.’ Breakfast delivered to your room is complimentary, so of course you know me and that I am going to order my almond milk latte, green juice (no fruit) and eggs and veggies or fruit. The little terraces they have are stunning to sit and have your morning coffee at and the pool is another ridiculously stunning part. Their spa is small, but I had an incredible massage, and the grounds are another thing to do.

Again, good to note that this hotel ain’t cheap yo! But, if you can swing it for a night, especially during the Venice Film Festival (like I did) you might run into George Clooney and Amal or other celebrities in for the week.




What I Did & Recommend:

  • Canal tour. This is a MUST. Again, not crazy cheap but incredibly worth it! Grab a bottle of wine, some glasses a corkscrew and enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise while your guide explains the history of Venice, Italy.
  • Visit Piazza San Marco. This is the town square with the cathedral, tons of shops, live music, obviously lots of tourists, and a ton of birds! Very lively and perfect to walk around mid-afternoon.
  • Get lost. Seriously! Walking around in between all the canals is incredibly fun and the things you’ll discover are gems. Little shops selling masks reminiscent of Casanova and his time, to restaurants that are off the beaten track.
  • Glass blowing. I always recommend learning about the local history wherever you are and what makes them special, and glass blowing in Venice is no different! They are very proud of it and you can see the glass they blow all over, including for sale, restaurants, and in hotels. There’s many tour guides that can lead you through one of the small shops.


Where I Ate/Drank & Recommend:

  • Have lunch at the Aman Hotel. It’s an older-style 16th century luxury hotel that is the perfect stop for a long lunch with some rose. Have a walk around and you will be floored by how stunning this building is! (Pictured below)
  • Aperol Spritz in Piazza San Marco where you can listen to live music all day.
  • Harry’s Bar. This place is iconic as the Bellini was created here. Definitely a place to check out as they are very proud of who they are, their history and what they serve.venice-italy
  • Canal restaurants. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant I went to on the canal (photo below) which was very cool as you pull up to your table by water taxi, however I wouldn’t recommend it anyways as food was bad as was service. That being said, I DO recommend finding one that you can have dinner with your table right on the canal.
  • Ristorante Da Ivo. This is a celebrity hotspot and for good reason! The service is impeccable and food is top notch. Plan on spending a lot of time here and order everything on the menu. Seriously. I cannot recommend this small and very exclusive restaurant enough. Be sure to make a booking though as it’s a popular one. (I luckily found it by walking through the streets and being dressed up at the time, I believe they thought I was an actress out there for the Venice Film Festival, otherwise I doubt I would have gotten a table it was so busy!)


I hope you enjoyed this little travel guide and photo diary of Venice, Italy! It’s so fun for me to be able to share things of what to do, where to go, see, and eat in different places I’ve traveled. One thing to note is that when I am a place such as this, I do not stress about the food. I go to restaurants where it might be a bit more expensive, but I know they are putting love into what they are making. I’m a bit believer in balance, so throughout the Photo Diary Series you’ll get to see into  my personal life of how I stay healthy and fit while enjoying the places I eat when I travel!



I’d love to know what you think of Venice, if you’ve been there, what you loved or didn’t love (or if you liked this post!) Leave a comment below!

Ciao for now. See you next time when we head to Santa Margarita and Portofino!




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  1. RedSportsCar says:

    Great photo essay! Thanks for taking the time to share them. The 1st photo at night is really spectacular.

  2. Aiste says:

    Too bad I went there before your post, would have defo included many of your spots! Venice is wonderful, was nice to see your photos and remember! Thank you, Nikki!

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