What Would You See With No Sight?

24 Jun 2015

What an interesting morning practice! Today we had to do almost our full practice blindfolded, which wow, let me tell you is so hard, yet absolutely fun. If you are ever teaching a class or doing a practice on your own, I highly suggest doing this because it’s one of bigger learning experiences I’ve had through yoga.

You lose your balance way, way easier (but I’m sure you guessed this), you’re not able to look at other people if you don’t know what pose to do, and you also go inward a heck of a lot easier. I could hear other people falling over, I myself fell many times, but the more I would focus on breath, the easier it was to go through the routine. This really is a time for you to figure out if you are doing the pose correctly, to listen to your breath, and to really do your practice just for you. There’s no showing off for others, there’s no competing, and there’s no feeling bad if you’re not doing a fancy pose.

By the time we hit breakfast, after a full blindfolded practice, which we still were not allowed to speak at and I found myself wanted to just be alone. This really was the first time I really felt this way after our the three hours. Normally I sit at the table with others for most of the breakfast, however today I really felt the need to be alone with my thoughts. I headed for a gazebo far away from everyone and had one heck of a beautiful morning.

As I sat there eating my breakfast, I noticed how slow you eat when you have nothing to do, no phones, no talking, no reading; just you, your thoughts and your food. This is actually such a great thing and in the western world we are so used to eating while working at our laptops, on the go, in cars, or chatting to friends. This is really bad for your digestive system because you typically eat too fast and you also don’t really realize what you’re eating, which makes it so much easier to overeat, rather than really ‘listening’ to your stomach. Doing this really gave me such an appreciation for the food I was eating as well as those who had made it.


I then started looking around to see the beauty in everything that’s been made or done around the place I’m staying. The house I sit in has been built by people, no machines. I started thinking how much time and effort it must have taken. I wanted to thank them for their dedication. It’s nothing fancy but it’s been built by someone who is proud of their work. The guy who sweeps our house everyday is so friendly, and he says hi with a beaming smile as he emerges from cleaning the bathrooms. I just want to hug him and tell him Thank You for being such a beautiful soul and doing his job with grace each day. The people who make breakfast and dinner do all the prep, cooking, cleaning and we rarely speak to them. I want to show them appreciation for everything they do. Even our yoga teacher, Everett, said that it took him 10 years to put Zuna Yoga together. I feel so blessed to be learning from someone who put so much time and effort into something they wanted to share with the world.L1060032

It made me really appreciate the beauty of waiting. One thing my bf always tells me is not to rush. Like most, I want to do everything now, find success now, and be exactly where I want to be in 10 years- now. During this time of sitting by myself I realized that the beauty in the destination actually comes from life and everything we do to achieve our goals. I also rrealized that we do not compliment each other enough and show appreciation. Think about it, the next time you go into someone’s home, look around. How much time do you think it took them to pick out their sofa, the tv, even the plates. We rarely compliment the small things like this. And what about your job. How often do you feel someone shows appreciation that you handed a big project in on time? If your boss were to say, wow, thank you so much for getting this in on time, wouldn’t you feel more validated?

Anyways, my point with all this is that because of our blindfolded yoga practice and meditation, I felt I was truly about to see life, without actually seeing anything physically.FullSizeRender(2)

That’s all for now. As the course finishes I feel like I’m understanding so much more about myself, others, and what it means to actually be living.

With Love, N

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  1. Lo says:

    That is such a beautiful piece you have written, I loved reading it. Thank you x

  2. yes you raised a very great question and it is forcing me to think and go more dipper in Yoga and meditation.

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