What's On Today's Menu

28 May 2013

I’m such a big advocate for eating at least 3 colors at each meal and all sorts of textures, so by following this I get to eat some of the most fabulous foods and never feel guilty and most definitely never count calories. So what did I eat today? (breakfast, snack and lunch)IMG_7660

BREAKFAST: green smoothie from my recipe book.

SNACKS: dehydrated crackers and fresh fruit (cherries, watermelon & melon). I made the crackers using the left over pulp from my juices I make (roughly 2 cups of carrot, cucumber, and zucchini and 1 large tomato), along with 2TBSP soaked flax seeds, juice of 1 lemon, pinch of Himalayan pink sea salt & cayenne. Put in my dehydrator overnight at 115F for roughly 10 hours.

LUNCH: salad of cucumber, butternut squash, purple cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, flaxseeds, chia seeds, 2 cooked organic/free range eggs, basil, cilantro (corriander). Dressing was flaxseed oil, balsamic vinegar, rice wine vinegar, dallop of seeded mustard, and cayenne pepper.

So yummy!



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